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Uses for fast food toys

By on October 8, 2010

Fast-food toys can become a large collection quickly. Some are easy to toss or donate, but others seem destined to sink to the bottom of the toy box. Dig them out and put them to use. Make a wreath, give some away on Halloween, use some as cake toppers, ornaments or stocking stuffers, or attach some to gifts, jacket zippers, backpacks or lunch boxes. The first tip shares another way to reuse them.

happy meal toy


I used to take the large glass pickle jars and fill them up with all the Happy Meal toys the kids would collect, positioning them so they look pretty and you can see most of them. Then I would take an old lamp piece (the part with the cord and the part for the bulb) and cut a hole in top and then find a shade for it and make the kids a nice lamp for their rooms. — Louise, Georgia


I use a layer of newspaper topped with one layer of paper towels to drain grease. The newspapers absorb the grease while the paper towel(s) keep the food clean. –Deb L., e-mail


A great use for those air-filled plastic bags used as cushioning in shipments of catalog and Internet purchases is to put them into your purses, not presently in use, to keep their shape. — Joyce C., e-mail


You can fill a knee-high stocking with potting soil and sprinkle grass seed (winter rye works well) along the top before tying off the end, then hot glue on wiggly eyes, a pompom nose, and a felt or pipe cleaner mouth. It makes sort of a homemade Chia Pet. They are super cute and look like chubby little worms when they grow! Put it together with a little watering can, an “adoption certificate” with cute clip art, even some scissors for “haircuts,” and it makes a fun gift. — Melody, Arkansas


Just wanted to share a party food idea. My mom and I threw a baby shower for a friend of mine, and one of the things we made were mini BLTs. We used Sister Shubert’s rolls, but you could easily make your own. We put leaf lettuce, a slice of cherry tomato, a small piece of bacon and added a little mayo and voila! Mini BLT! Easy and delish! They were a hit! — Kelli, Tennessee


We use shaving cream at school to clean desks. Works great and is good for anyone with allergies. — Onencgirl, North Carolina


Grate two bars of soap with a fine cheese grater. I used 4.25 ounces Olay Shea Butter bars. It took about 20 minutes while watching television to grate. Pour 2 cups of water and grated soap in a saucepan. Heat together over medium low until soap is dissolved, about 5 minutes. Cool slightly. My soap had the consistency of whole milk at this point. Pour into bottles. I used 3 ounces BBW lotion bottles. You can top off your bottles with more water to make 24 ounces if you want. I didn’t. Cool completely overnight. Mine had the consistency of melted ice cream when cooled. Use a dime or nickel-sized dollop on your poof. And lather up! — Constance, New Jersey

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