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Uses for plastic Easter eggs

By on March 4, 2011


For many families, plastic Easter eggs are a part of Easter traditions. You might use them for an egg hunt or simply fill them with treats and place them in a basket. Once Easter is over, it seems wasteful to throw them away. One option is to save them for next year. But you can put some to good use before then, too. They’re great storage containers for jewelry, coins, small nail clippers, a mini sewing kit or loose buttons. The first reader tip shares more ideas.


Use them to put snacks in the kids’ lunches, and to hold little girl’s hair accessories. Give some away at children’s birthdays filled with stickers and treats. Store small parts in kids toys so they don’t get lost. Put some smaller wax crayons in and put in your purse. When you are stuck somewhere with the kids and they are bored, they can color. Or use them as rewards for good behavior. Fill them with different surprises so they never know what the reward will be. — Nancy, Canada


My father used the old metal coffee cans for paint brushes and to hold nails, washers and screws, etc. The new plastic ones never rust and are good for rinsing out paint brushes, and hiding money and cookies from the kids. My granddaughter keeps her Barbie dolls? teeny tiny parts inside. — M.V. Macin, e-mail


Buy things that last longer. We eat far fewer potatoes now in favor of brown rice and whole wheat pasta. This keeps our potatoes from going bad. Discover the joy of frozen produce. We buy frozen berries, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, green beans and corn. Nutritionally, it’s about on par with fresh, it never goes bad before we use it all, and it tastes almost as good. This is really good for those of us whose spouses don’t like veggies. — Nada, Canada


Andes has peppermint chips or pieces that are white and red. I melt half of them in a pan, dip the spoons, then sprinkle with some of the unmelted pieces. They are good for adding a minty flavor to hot chocolate. You can also tie the minty or chocolate-dipped spoons to a package of hot chocolate, or put them in a mug with hot chocolate. Everyone I made them for thought they were really neat. I tied two spoons together with plastic wrap and tied a ribbon around them. I’m thinking with the chocolate spoons that you could add cinnamon so someone could have cinnamon hot chocolate. Or dip spoons in melted butterscotch chips so you’d have butterscotch hot chocolate. — G.D., Illinois


I was always misplacing my nail clippers. I used piece of double sided tape and attached a magnet to the inside of my kitchen cabinet. When I’m done with the clippers, I put them on the magnet. — Julie K., Michigan


I like to use leftover coffee to make frozen coffee pops. I use 2 cups coffee, 2/3 to 1 cup of sweetened condensed milk and 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder and freeze in pop molds. — Leanne R., Massachusetts

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