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Clean hard water stains on glass

By on December 8, 2012

Dear Sara:

How can I get rid of hard water etching on my glassware? I’ve tried vinegar, baking soda paste and some commercial products, but nothing seems to work. You’re my last hope before I throw these glasses out! — Howard N., email

Dear Howard:

Applying white toothpaste with a toothbrush might work. Or try a denture tablet such as Efferdent with water, and let the glasses soak. You could also try a vinegar and lemon juice or Lemi Shine soak, then scrub and wash as usual. Hopefully, one of the above methods will work. It’s possible the glasses are permanently etched.

Dear Sara:

I have a Cuisinart coffee maker with stains on the cover of the pot. I tried every way to clean with no result. Can you help? — Allen B., Arizona

Dear Allen:

I’d soak it in a water and bleach mixture and then use a Mr. Clean magic eraser to clean it.

Dear Sara:

I need ideas for a vegetable to make for the holidays. Usually I have corn, but I’d like to try something different for once. — Brenda, forums

Dear Brenda:

To keep things simple, I lean toward a green vegetable such as green beans, broccoli or asparagus.

Dear Sara:

Can you remove the lights that come on a pre-lit tree? I’ve searched almost everywhere and it seems the days of decorating a tree yourself are over. I want to put my own lights on my tree, thank you very much! — Cat, email

Dear Cat:

Some are easily removed, but most are a pain to cut out (I don’t advise trying it if you don’t have a ton of patience) and your tree could end up looking pretty sparse. You could add your own lights and simply not plug in the lights that are attached to your tree. Plain trees are still available. I bought one two years ago on sale right before Christmas for less than $65.

Dear Sara:

This summer we moved into a really old (1940s) house in town. We love the house, but the problem is the electric has not been updated except for the kitchen. We rent, so can’t upgrade it. All of the outlets are two-prong, and there aren’t many of them. Anyway, I had visions of decorating the house with tons of lights, but it’s not looking to be that easy. There are no outlets outside at all. We live right on the edge of the town park that gets decorated to the gills, and I really don’t want our house to be dark and gloomy. I have six to eight battery-operated balls that will work for the trees, and I was thinking maybe those big red indoor/outdoor bows. Do you have any suggestions for decorating without electricity, and without spending a fortune? — Stacey, Nevada

Dear Stacey:

You could use paper bag or glass Mason jar luminaries, or battery- or solar-powered lights (a single candle in each window would look nice). There are plug converters you can use for your indoor outlets. You could swap out outdoor bulbs to be green and red colored bulbs and simply hang a Christmas wreath on your front door, too.

photo by kai hendry


  1. michyhael murp

    2/17/2013 at 1:06 pm

    how can i remove soap scum from glass shower doors?

  2. Yvonne Spaulding

    2/18/2013 at 1:12 pm

    I’ve just read your comment on cleaning hard water stain from glassware, I don’t have that problem but my flateware looks terrible, any suggestions? Thanks

  3. Yvonne Spaulding

    2/18/2013 at 1:14 pm

    Just read your answer re hard water staining on glass\ware – my problem is my flatward, still looks streaked and dirty, any suggestions? Thanks much!!

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