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A handy use for coffee filters

By on December 9, 2014

Coffee filters can be used for more than simply brewing coffee. If you’ve recently switched to a reusable filter or are low on paper towels, paper filters can be used for many of the same purposes as paper towels. The first tip shares one alternative use.

REUSE COFFEE FILTERS: I use them when putting cut up brownies or cookies, in a plastic container after baking. It makes a great way to keep the layers apart, and it helps grab some of the shortening/oil. — Patti, New York

CONVENIENT DRY BEANS: I usually use canned beans since it’s faster to add to gumbo, chili and whatever. I usually only use 1 can at a time, so dry beans were never practical for me. Now I cook a large batch of dry beans and separate into 2-cup servings and freeze. You can then add it to your meals just like canned beans. — Emilie, Canada

ADDITIONAL DRY-BEAN TIP: I quick-freeze cooked, drained beans on a cookie sheet, then package them in a single layer in a FoodSaver bag. When you reopen the bag, give it a tap on the counter to loosen the beans, and you can remove a few beans for adding to a taco salad, or measure out enough to substitute for a can of beans. If you dump a bunch of cooked beans into the bottom of a plastic zipper bag or a plastic container without quick-freezing them in a single layer first, you’ll end up with a “brick” of frozen beans in the bottom of the bag. — Karen, Kansas

CUPCAKES IN AN ORANGE: I bake cupcakes in orange peels for parties or when camping.

10 oranges
Spice cake mix (prepare as per box instructions)

Slice the top off of the oranges, leaving about a 2-inch hole on top. Save the top as a lid. Scoop out the pulp of the orange and eat. Mix the spice cake as directed. Fill the orange shell 1/2 full of cake batter and put on orange lid. Wrap in foil and cook on coals for 15 to 20 minutes or until done. Scoop out cake and eat. If baking in the oven, wrap in foil and bake at 350 F for 20 minutes. You can add frosting or use any flavor of cake mix, such as chocolate, vanilla or apple. The lid isn’t absolutely necessary, but it helps prevent spillovers. — Dawn, Pennsylvania

CEREAL BAGS: I always buy prepared piecrusts because I loathe making piecrust. My hubby always complains about it simply because they are not homemade, as he prefers everything homemade. I recently have stumbled upon a bulk piecrust recipe, so I made a batch. It dawned on me after all these years: The prepared crusts I have been buying are rolled up in the same plastic that the cereal bags are made of. So I tried rolling up a piecrust and rolled it up in an empty cereal bag that I cut to size. I’ve used the bags to pound or bread boneless chicken breasts flat or anytime I would have previously used waxed paper. — Diane, Minnesota


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