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Tips to Save Money on Your Vacation

By on April 15, 2016
Tips to Save Money on Your Vacation

Vacations at the beach are the best kind of getaway. Lounging in the sun while listening to the ocean waves is one of the most relaxing things you can do — so you don’t want to be worrying about your spending while you’re doing it!

By taking some time to plan out your vacation, you can make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest without overspending. Ocean City, NJ is one of my favorite places to get away, and it’s great because it can be done on a budget.

These are some of my best tips for having an affordable trip!

Find the Best Place to Stay

Doing your research before choosing your home away from home is a vital key to having an affordable vacation. I have found that there are tons of options, especially at popular vacation spots like Ocean City. You can rent directly from an owner, find a condo or choose a hotel. Usually, renting will be a lot cheaper than paying for a hotel.

Some rental sites, like Goldcoast SIR, have sections for last minute deals. They list available rent options that they want to sell quickly, so you can usually snag some great lodging for real cheap. For example, right now Goldcoast is listing a last minute deal for a 1 bedroom rental at just $395 for the week, which is almost half price of a similar rental that’s listed elsewhere. This is a great option to look into if your vacation wasn’t planned months in advance and you’re just wanting a weekend away.

Plan Your Menu

One of the most expensive parts of vacationing is the food, which is understandable because nobody wants to be cooking and cleaning up on vacation. It’s also tempting because there are so many new restaurants and foods to try, so it feels like you’re missing out if you aren’t eating out.

To combat this problem, I suggest a compromise. If you plan ahead and decide to do breakfast and lunch in, then you can put your food budget towards going out to dinner (And indulging in other special snacks along the way!). You can pack breakfast, lunch and snack items from home and plan lunches that you can take in coolers to the beach. This way, you don’t have to feel guilty about splurging on a nice dinner out.

Skip the Souvenirs

Honestly, souvenirs are basically a waste of both money and space. Try to skip the souvenir shopping and instead invest in memories that will last longer than that magnet or shot glass. Look into fun and cheap (or even free!) activities to do with your family that will give you lasting pictures and moments to remember. This will be so much more valuable than picking up a souvenir. And don’t forget to take pictures as you go!

Make a Budget

This one seems obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to say “No, we won’t overspend!” and then, once you’re on vacation, overspend anyway. Try making a solid budget for your vacation. Break it up into different categories like lodging, food, activities and any others that spring to mind. Or, split it up by each day you’ll be there so you don’t spend all of your money on the first day.

However you decide to do it, thinking about your budget and making a plan for how you will be spending before you hit the road will ensure a vacation free from stress about money.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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