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Simple Travel Tips to Save Money on Gas and Transportation

By on May 27, 2016
Simple Travel Tips to Save Money on Gas and Transportation

Going on vacation can quickly become expensive once you add up the cost of airline flights, hotel rooms, food, and entertainment. Before you resign yourself to having a “staycation” this year, take a moment to review these simple travel tips which can help you save money on gas and transportation for your next vacation.

Ways to Save Money on Flights

Depending where you are going for your next trip, driving simply may not be the most practical option but booking a flight can be expensive unless you know these easy tricks. Save money by knowing when to book your flight and when to take your flight – websites like Skyscanner show you comparison prices for flights over the course of the entire month so you can determine the best time to buy.

Avoid flying on the weekends to save the most money – consider traveling from Wednesday to Wednesday instead of leaving on a Friday and returning on Sunday. You should also consider flying during the off season.

Travel to Jump-Off Cities

If you are going to spend money on a flight or a cross-country road trip, be intentional about planning your destinations. There are several cities in the United States that are considered jump-off cities – you get the main destination itself but there are other major attractions nearby that can help you maximize your time.

For example, Las Vegas is a trip in and of itself but you can combine it with a visit to the Grand Canyon. A trip to San Francisco can turn into a weekend trip through wine country and a trip to Baltimore could include a day or two of visiting the national monuments in Washington D.C.

Save Money on Rental Cars

Driving is often a much more cost-effective travel option than flying, but you may not want to rack up hundreds (or thousands) of miles on your own car. If you are smart about it, renting a car can actually be fairly inexpensive. One easy way to save money on rental cars is to avoid the big brands – try booking a rental car on a website instead of going to Avis, Hertz, or another national chain. Another trick to remember is that you may be able to save money by booking the car for longer than you actually need it.

Many rental companies offer discounted rates for leisure travelers – a weekend rental might be cheaper than a single day rental, so just return the car early when you are done! For in-town travel once you reach your destination, consider car share options like Zipcar if you need the care only for a few hours. For example, a rental car might cost you about $250 a week but Zip car charges a $25 one-time application fee and an annual $50 fee – after that, hourly rates are often under $10.

Tips for Saving Money on Gas and Tolls

If you choose to drive, one of your biggest expenses will be gas. There are several apps and online tools that allow you to see fuel prices across the country – use that information to plan not just your trip, but your stops along the way to take advantage of low gas prices. Depending where you are going, you may have to take a toll road along the way which can rack up some pricey tolls. For highways that allow it, having an EZ Pass could enable you to travel at a discounted rate – at the very least you will be able to avoid long toll lines.

Going on vacation doesn’t have to be a budget-breaking experience. If you are smart about when, where, and how you travel it can be very affordable!

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  1. Michael Welter

    7/17/2016 at 7:36 am

    Indeed, travelling can be very affordable, if you know how to plan ahead.

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