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Simple Tips for Saving Money on the Gym

By on January 17, 2017
Simple Tips for Saving Money on the Gym

Now that the new year is here, many people have hopped on board the fitness train by making a commitment to healthier habits. Getting fit is a noble goal, but it can also be an expensive one if you buy personal training sessions or shell out for a monthly gym membership. If you want to increase your physical fitness without destroying your bank balance, try out some of these tips for saving money on the gym.

  • Wait until the end of the month. Even if you want to start your New Year’s resolution right away, you could save a lot on a monthly gym membership if you wait until the end of the month to enroll. This applies not just to January, but to any month of the year. Many clubs offer lower rates to meet their month-end sales quotas. Even if you don’t get a cut on the monthly rate, you may be able to have your initiation fees waived.
  • Do a trial run. If you aren’t sure whether you are going to like a gym, you should sign up for a free trial first before you commit. Most clubs will give you at least 7 days free to try out the club and all of its services before you buy. During this time make sure to take advantage of group fitness classes as well as machines and free weights. You should also try to come at different times of day to see when it is the most crowded and when it is less crowded.
  • Look for savings online. Even if you already know which gym you want to join, you should check the internet for deals first. Sometimes fitness clubs will offer discounted memberships on sites like Living Social and Groupon. You may also be able to find a coupon code for purchasing your membership online. This option is particularly great for group fitness subscriptions, though you may be able to find deals on monthly memberships as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Even if a gym advertises a particular rate, that doesn’t mean that everyone who belongs to the gym is paying it. If you talk to the gym manager (instead of a sales rep), you may be able to negotiate a better deal. In some cases you can score a free month or have your initiation fee waved. You might even get a monthly discount if you agree to pay for a certain length of time upfront.
  • Check your insurance benefits. You may be surprised to learn that some health insurance plans offer discounts on gym memberships. For example, certain plans that United Healthcare offers gives members a reimbursement on gym membership fees up to $240. That’s a saving of $20 per month. Who couldn’t use an extra $20 in their pocket?

Just because you want to get fit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your savings. By using some of the simple tips above you can get in shape and keep your wallet in shape as well!

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