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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Family Budget

By on February 13, 2017
Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Family Budget

When the winter snow starts to melt away, we all begin to think about spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to clean out your junk drawer or rearrange your kitchen pantry – it’s also a great time to donate clothes you no longer wear and to throw out all the miscellaneous things that have accumulated in your garage. But there is one more place that could use some sprucing up while you’re at it – your family budget. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to tighten up your budget.

Perform an Analysis of Your Spending Habits

Even if you already have a family budget in place, you may not be following it as closely as you could. Take a month to track all of your expenses (if you aren’t doing so already) and then take a good, hard look at everything. Break things up into categories like groceries, entertainment, auto care, home maintenance, and more.

Compare the amount you have budgeted for each category to the actual amount you’ve been spending. You may find that you need to allocate more funds to a particular category or that you don’t need as much as you originally thought in another.

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Budget

Once you’ve performed a spending analysis and you have a better idea what your current spending habits are, then you can make some changes. Start by creating a more organized system for storing and tracking your receipts – maybe you keep everything in separate folders or input the data into a software program. Next, think about some financial goals you and your family want to achieve this year – having goals in mind will give you motivation to stick to your budget.

Maybe you want to save for a family vacation or pay off a car loan. Make sure that every member of your family is on board and keep an eye out for micro-spending – a few dollars here and there may not seem like much, but it adds up!

Even if you’ve set aside a certain amount for a particular category, that doesn’t mean you have to spend that entire amount. In addition to cleaning up your budget, you should also clean up your spending habits by cutting costs wherever you can.

Try to buy things in bulk if you use a lot of them and make your own versions of things that can be pricey to buy. Think about repairing things rather than replacing them (when possible) and keep important things like your car and your home up to date on proper maintenance to avoid unexpected repair costs. You might even want to learn a little about car maintenance yourself!

Saving money doesn’t have to be an impossible task – trimming a few dollars here and there from your expenditures can make a big difference when you put them together. By following these spring cleaning tips for your family budget, you can make your spending more efficient so that you have the money you need for the things you want.

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