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Save Money on Produce by Re-Growing Vegetables

By on July 6, 2017
Save Money on Produce by Re-Growing Vegetables

Many people assume that eating healthy is expensive, but that simply isn’t true – at least, it doesn’t have to be. While it is entirely possible to spend hundreds of dollars on organic produce each week, there are plenty of ways to save money. One of the simplest ways to stretch your budget without giving up fresh produce is to regrow vegetables and herbs at home – keep reading to learn how.

Which Are the Best Vegetables to Regrow?

Not all vegetables are good candidates for re-growing, but many of them are. Here are some simple tips for the top ten vegetables and herbs that you can regrow at home:

  1. Romaine Lettuce – When you get down to the stump on a head of romaine lettuce, just place the stumps in a half inch of water for a few days until new leaves start to grow then plant them in soil.
  2. Basil – All you need to regrow basil is a few stems with leaf nodes. Place the stems in a glass of water in a sunny location and wait until the roots grow to a length of about 2 inches then transfer them to soil.
  3. Carrots – Instead of discarding those carrot tops, place them in a dish of water on a well-lit window sill until they start to grow then transfer them to soil.
  4. Garlic – If you don’t use it quickly enough, your garlic may start to grow on its own. Just take a sprouted clove and put it in a glass with some water until the shoots begin to grow tall then plant them in soil.
  5. Green Onions – To regrow green onions all you have to do is due them about an inch up from the root and then place them in a glass with a little bit of water. Once they start to grow, plant them in soil.
  6. Celery – Similar to romaine lettuce, once you get to the end of a bunch of celery you can place it in a bowl of water in a sunny location until new leaves start to grow from the base. After 5 to 7 days they’ll start to thicken and you can plant them in soil.
  7. Bok Choy – To regrow this vegetable, just take the root end and place it in a dish of water. After a week or two it should sprout and you can transplant it.
  8. Cilantro – Just place a few cilantro stems in water and wait until the roots are long enough to transfer them to a container of soil.
  9. Ginger – Similar to garlic, you can regrow ginger from a single piece if you let it soak in water overnight then transplant it in soil.
  10. Sweet Potatoes – Place a sweet potato in a jar of water on a window sill with direct sunlight. When the potato has rooted and sprouted, transfer it to soil.

Tips for Re-Growing Vegetables at Home

While you can regrow many vegetables in dirt, there are also some that you can grow in just water. Re-growing vegetables in water has many benefits besides being completely free. For one thing, you can use this method to save money on organic produce – as long as you start with organic vegetables, any that you regrow will also be organic.

In order to regrow vegetables in water, you just need about ½ inch of water – enough to cover the roots. You should check your vegetables every two to three days to make sure they have enough water and to make sure that the vegetable isn’t rotting. Make sure the size of the container you’re using is appropriate to the size of the vegetable – you can also grow multiples in the same container as long as they aren’t overcrowded.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to trim your grocery bill or you want to take advantage of organic produce, re-growing vegetables is the way to go. By following the simple instructions provided above you can grow an infinite amount of the vegetables and herbs you use most – for free!

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