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Save Money by Building Things Yourself

By on January 11, 2018
Save Money by Building Things Yourself

Who needs to go to the store and buy things for your home when you can just build what you need yourself? While it may sound hard, it’s easier than you might think. With the right resources, enough time, some creativity and maybe a bit of practice, you might surprise yourself.

Here are seven things you can do-it-yourself (DIY) from the comfort of your own home:

1. Shelving

With just some wood and everyday hardware, you can make shelving to organize and beautify your home. It won’t cost you much either. You might even be able to find some scrap wood for free, which is handy if it’s your first DIY project.

2. Phone Charging Station

You can buy a beautiful wooden phone charging station for $30 to $80. Or, you could just build your own for much less. All you need is a two-by-four, some furniture gliders and wood stain. In as little as 15 minutes, you can have a practical and attractive dock for charging your smartphone.

3. Flower Vase

With just a little bit of work, things that would otherwise seem worthless can turn into beautiful, personalized flower vases. For example, you can paint glass bottles or jars with whatever colors and patterns you like. You could even use a bit of rope for a nautical-style vase. Here’s a list of directions for those and other ideas too.

4. Dining Room Table

With the right tools, you can DIY a lot of the furniture you need in a home. If you become a bit of a pro, you might even be able to make some extra money off it! Follow this example, and you can build a farmhouse table with supplies you can get at most hardware stores.

5. Tree Swing

Here’s a fun outdoor project that the kids will love. You’ll need a plank or a tire and a rope or chain for hanging it from a tree. You’ll also, of course, need a tree. Make sure your swing is attached securely for safety purposes. You’ll find instructions here.

6. Lip Balm

Now, there’s no need to run to the store every time you lose your ChapStick. Instead, make your own, and you’ll always have some in stock. You can make pretty much any variety you want too. All you need is beeswax, an oil and something to add a scent or flavor. Here are some tasty recipes to follow.

7. Jewelry Holder

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep your jewelry organized. You can make your own with just a wooden frame, wire, four eyelet hooks, pliers and a ruler. It doesn’t just have to be for jewelry though. It can also be useful for keys.

Next time you need something for your home or even have a new home you need to furnish, don’t immediately run to the store. Consider building it yourself — not only is it a rewarding activity but it’s also one that you can market as a service to family and friends!

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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