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Sand and Sun: Summer-Themed Crafts for Kids

By on April 30, 2018
Sand and Sun: Summer-Themed Crafts for Kids

Summer is the best time of year for kids. Not only does it mean freedom from school, but the weather is nice enough to play outdoors. Kids are great at making up games and finding ways to amuse themselves, but at a certain point all parents hear those dreaded words – “I’m bored.” If you’re fighting boredom this summer, give these fun summer-themed craft ideas a try.

1. Homemade Bird Feeder

This craft is a great option for kids because it provides two benefits – not only will your kids have a great time making the craft, but they’ll also enjoy watching the birds enjoy it. All you need is an empty toilet paper tube or a paper towel tube cut in half. Poke two holes on opposite sides of one end and string a ribbon through it – you’ll use it to hang your feeder. Poke two sticks or dowel rods through the opposite side of the tube for perches. Finish it up by spreading peanut butter around the outside of the tube then roll it in birdseed and hang it in the yard.

2. Squirt Gun Art

Kids love to get messy, so this summer craft is perfect. All you need is an easel and some blank paper along with a couple of handhelds squirt guns. Mix some water and food coloring together then fill each gun with a different color – you can also use watercolor paint and watercolor paper. Hang the paper on the easel and let your kids go wild shooting at the paper to create their art. When finished, let it air dry then hang it proudly on the fridge for display.

3. Exploding Chalk Rockets

While this messy craft may not be the best option for very young children, older children will definitely get a kick out of it. Be prepared to see your driveway covered in color but know that your children will be kept busy and out of your hair for the whole afternoon.

Start by mixing equal parts water and cornstarch in a bowl then divide the mixture among empty film canisters. Add a few drops of food coloring to each then blend well. Now, take some Alka Seltzer tablets and cut them in four. When you’re ready to set off your chalk rockets, place a piece of the tablet in a canister, close it, then quickly place it on the ground lid-down. In a matter of seconds, the canister will explode, rocketing into the air and leaving a trail of colored chalk behind it.

4. Tin Can Windsocks

This simple craft doesn’t require much but it’ll keep your kids occupied for a couple of hours. Start with a few empty soup cans and make sure they are clean and dry. Set your kids up with some craft paint and let them decorate the cans however they like.

When the paint dries, tape or glue some streamers or ribbons to the bottom then poke holes in the top and feed a piece of string through. When your windsocks are finished, you can hang them from a branch and enjoy them all summer long.

5. Homemade Ice Cream

What’s better than a fun craft you can eat? Making homemade ice cream is rather simple and your kids are sure to love it. All you need is some coffee creamer, sugar, plastic bags, ice, and rock salt. Start by mixing one cup of flavored coffee creamer with 2 tablespoons of sugar then pour it into a quart-size sandwich bag and zip it closed.

Next, place that bag inside a zippered freezer bag then fill the larger bag with ice. Sprinkle some rock salt over the ice then seal the bag. Place the bag in a coffee container or another container and shake or roll it until the ice cream is frozen. Enjoy!

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