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Brighten Your Yard with These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

By on July 12, 2018

A string of fairy lights is the perfect way to complete your outdoor oasis. Whether you’re decorating for a party or looking to light up your yard all summer long, here are some simple outdoor lighting ideas you should try at home.

  1. Lanterns – Whether you buy them at a home goods store or make them yourself, lanterns are an excellent option for outdoor lighting. They come in a wide variety of sizes and you can move them around very easily. If you want to get really creative, try stringing up some mini lanterns or buy metal hooks to hang them.
  2. String Lights – Also sometimes known as fairy lights, string lights are a great way to add decorative lighting to your outdoor spaces. They may not provide much practical illumination, but they look great and you can hang them anywhere – along your fence, around the railing, or overhead. If you don’t want to buy new ones, simply repurpose your old Christmas tree lights.
  3. Walkway Lighting – While outdoor lighting can add to the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces, it can also serve a practical purpose. Solar lighting on walkways and steps are an excellent safety measure and they are generally easy to install on your own. In most cases, you’ll just need to buy a kit and mount the lights to a flat surface.
  4. Paper Lanterns – If you want to add an air of romance to your outdoor spaces, combine string lights with mini paper lanterns and string them up. You can also hang large paper lanterns and use flickering battery-powered tea lights for illumination.
  5. Lamps – You probably think of lamps as an indoor lighting solution, but they can do just as well in an outdoor seating area. Make sure the lamp you use is approved for outdoor use because it could get wet. Choose a lower-wattage for your bulbs (about 60 watts) to give your outdoor spaces a soft glow.
  6. Chandelier – If you have a dedicated outdoor seating or dining area, consider hanging a chandelier or some other kind of overhead light. The right overhead light with some outdoor furniture can really transform your outdoor space and make it usable at all hours of the day or night.
  7. Sconces – To brighten up an outdoor area without taking up valuable floor space, consider hanging sconces on your vertical surfaces. You can find solar-powered sconces fairly easily or you can go with something a little more classic and go with one that uses candles.
  8. Paper Bags – For temporary outdoor lighting that is easy to make and inexpensive, consider some DIY paper bag lanterns. Simply decorate an assortment of paper bags then place them along the walkway and add tea lights for illumination. To decorate the bags, you can paint them or use a hole puncher to punch out a design.

Keeping your yard bright and beautiful doesn’t have to be a chore, and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. If you want to add some outdoor lighting to your yard this summer, give some of the tips above a try. You’re sure to find one that works!

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