Down Syndrome Children??
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    Default Down Syndrome Children??

    As many of you know, I'm a foster parent. I currently have a 2 year old down syndrome little boy. He is so precious & sooooo darn cute Any one on this forum have a down syndrome child? I would love to hear from you We are possibly thinking about adopting him. I would love any input

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    We do. We adopted a Down syndrome child at 14 months old and one of our grandchildren has Down sydrome. Both as different as night and day.

    Our grandson has 42 words he can speak and speak clearly. He does well in school, however he is hyper active. He has had some medical problems right from birth. He is an absolute delight.

    Remember every chld with Down syndrome is different. With early intervention they often do well. We have friends whose brother is married to a wonderful girl with Down syndrome and they are an awesome couple. Others don't do well at all.

    Our me and I'll tell you about him.

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    I have a grandson with downs........He is my love........When he was born his dad(my son)throught he had done something wrong. I had to tell him that he was a gift from God..........He is a wonderful boy. He tells me all the time that he loves me. The only problem I see is he thinks everyone one is his friend and no one would hurt him..... He is his dads reality check........ His mom(they are divorced) wants him to stay a baby....... My son has custody of him and his big brother. We have been very lucky he has very few health issues......

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    My little downs boy has several health issues, but I think alot of his are related to his neglect from his biological mother. Thanks for all your input. He is such a special kid, with such a big heart. He is happy 24/7, and always has a smile on his face

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