Good Adoption Books?
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    Default Good Adoption Books?

    We are in full swing adoption mode and I wondered if anyone out there has any suggestions for good adoption books. We are doing domestic infant adoption.

    I want to be as well versed on all this as I can!!

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    Sorry Becky, I hadn't seen your post before now...

    You can read everything from books to postings on the internet, but when it comes down to it, all adoptions are different because every family is different.

    I have seen 'workbooks' for sale online, they ask you questions, there isn't an answer key, it's more of a "how WILL you deal with this" scenario... such as "Why didn't my other mother want me anymore".

    Your case worker will help you with the ins-&-outs of the paperwork.

    We had in international adoption, so most of the books I read wouldn't help you (how to deal with immigration, and culture type of books).

    What WILL help is... the same books every other expecting mother reads... the "what to expect" books (first year, toddler, etc) I even read the pregnancy book... why... because in a way, adoption is a lot like pregnancy... there is a wait, there is a nesting syndrome... and yes, I even gained weight and had odd cravings

    What I really DO recommend is not a reading book... it's a writing book. There are VERY few baby books that can be suitable for the adopted child. I also wrote a journal...

    I bought an international version, but made my own pages since the book said "we travelled to bring you home" and only I went... etc. Small details, but it's the story of your lives, not a fill in the blank

    Or you can make your own... and have pages like

    * My family
    * Tell me about the first time you held me
    * My family tree
    * My birth family tree (if open adoption)
    * Welcome home gifts and visits
    * Baby firsts
    * The adoption ceremony
    * My firsts with my family
    * Important people in my life
    * Outings and vacations
    * Activities outside home and school
    * My religion
    * My favorite things
    * Why did you adopt me?
    * Information about my birth (if known/open)
    * Why don't I live with my birth parents?
    * Things I may need to know when I get older (you may want to hold on to this page until older)

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    "What size shoe does she wear?"

    "Post adoption blues"

    "Twenty things adopted kids wish their parents knew"

    (proud parent of two adopted children [my only children]; adopted 2 years ago]

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    I just saw this request for books concerning adoption, and by now I hope you've had a successful adoption. But just in case you're still looking for reading material, may I suggest a book called Tear Soup. I can't remember the author. My daughter is a birth mom and placed her son at 3 days old. Her son's adoptive parents gave her the book and it has been a blessing for her. You may want to read it to give you a better understanding of the feelings of birth parents and also it may make a good gift to your birth mom if that's appropriate.

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