We've added a community link directory.
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This is where your website or blog links should be posted.

They should not be posted in signatures, profiles or repetitively posted with a "check out my site" forum post.

The rules on links hasn't changed. A link back to FV (my blog, the main website or forums) is required in order for your link to be included here for free.

Any site of a frugal nature or with any type of advertising on it, needs to either gain permission for it to be included here or pay an advertisingfee. If paying an advertising fee, you don't have to link back. Please refer to both the terms of service and link rules in the site rules forum.

The directory allows a description, comments, ratings and an automatic screen shot of your site if one is available.

We're working hard to organize the main site and forums. Any signatures that haven't been edited in compliance to this rule within 30 days, will be deleted. Continued infractions will result in banning.