Clarity on state of the community
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    Default Clarity on state of the community

    I want to make something clear to all members on this forum.

    1. There will not be personal attacks on any fellow members. This is the number one rule here. I've given some members multiple chances and my patience has run out. I will remove members for personal attacks. This is my fault for not being consistent. The problem lies with the fact most members involved are wonderful people that I don't want to remove simply over a few heated discussions. But it has to stop somewhere, so this is the boundary and line in the sand.

    2. We are here for many people to gain support. The recent topic of doom and gloom is an important topic to address. I simply don't want it to be a topic that continues to alienate anyone from thinking they were specifically responsible. That isn't productive. No more fear posts. No end of the world stuff. Preparedness is wonderful, but let's keep some of the fear connected to it set aside. There are many people here that have anxiety and medical issues. Please consider what these types of posts can do. Plus for folks that don't share that view, well what is it bringing here that's positive?

    3. No debates. I will go back to the old way of moderating and it will get deleted immediately as a potential debate topic. I tried to let posts run their course, but they don't have a place here and are causing animosity that is spread forum wide.

    Let's get back to the main focus of FRUGAL LIVING. That takes an entire community to maintain and keep it on track. So please, share our common threads and not the things that divide us as a community.

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    Thanks. I like forums where people get along for a common good. I have seen sites disintegrate in flame wars. I don't need that.

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