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    Default Attention members

    Just a note to say, I encourage you to use the report a post function when you feel it's necessary.

    This is the preferred method to handling threads that cause any member here to feel offended, attacked, spammed, etc.

    I share this because it empowers you as a member.

    Rather than post a response, take control by simply reporting it.

    Continued responses in a thread that goes wrong creates a situation where communication continues to breakdown further.

    Please know that the mods and admin here have the best of intentions and the best interest of the community as a whole in mind as we try to clear up any issues and try to maintain a happy balance here among so many members with various backgrounds, whatnot.

    Members are valued here and there are some topics that can never be discussed here without a problem. With that said, as a community we pretty much know what those topics are and should aim to avoid them because they really don't serve any positive purpose.

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    This is the icon to click, found in the lower left corner of every post.

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