Apple Tree question
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    Default Apple Tree question

    I have an apple tree that is heavily laden with fruit. So heavy that the branches are bending badly over, we have concerns the branch might break. I'd pick them but the apples are still green inside and taste like crab apples, they are sweet apples, macintosh.

    Question, will they ripen off the branch? Or do we figure a way to support the branches?

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    They won't ripen off the branches to full ripeness unless they are close already.

    But I THINK pruning back about 1/3 of the green fruit will force the tree to push more nutrients into the remaining fruit, which will make them larger and tastier. So culling the herd, so to speak, a little could be the best option for both the quality of the fruit and stability of the tree.

    Check this with a more qualified botanist, however...
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