I saved the peelings from the apples that I processed last month for pies and fruit leather, and now have another 24lbs of apples to take care of this week. My original intention was to make jelly, but I really have no use for apple jelly - I made jam earlier this year and we really don't use much.

My question - can I boil the peelings/cores/etc. and use the juice as juice? All the information I find about apple juice on the internet just says to press whole apples. We go through a lot of apple juice, and it would be a lot more useful to me than making jelly that no one is going to eat.

Also, does anyone know the difference between apple cider and apple juice - the kind you serve hot, not the fermented liquor - if I could make that instead it would make a nice treat around the holidays.

PS. I will be canning the results this effort, if that makes any difference.