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    Question Grain mills...

    I'm thinking of purchasing a grain mill. I've nailed it down to a couple if I buy right away...the Whisper Mill (electric) or "Our Best Grain Mill" (hand crank from Lehmann's).

    If I had a lot of money I'd spring for a Diamant (Lehmann handcrank), but it has to be permanently affixed to a surface and our kitchen is just not set up for it. So I'm thinking the other two would be better choices.

    However, I'm not sure of the hand crank vs. electric debate. At first I think it's an easy decision - go hand crank. But the hand crank hopper is plastic, and I have this thing against plastic...

    So rather than fall into the trap of deciding by how they look, does anyone have any experience with these grain mills? Or any others they think might be helpful for me? We're wanting to grind fine flour and make rolled oats.


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    1. You won't be able to get a Whisper Mill, they now go by the name Wonder Mill. I had a Whisper Mill for eons - an excellent impact mill that gave me great service for many years - and it recently went to "Mill Heaven" after a tragic accident. I replaced it with a Wonder Mill.

    2. No experience with Our Best Grain Mill, but I'm going to bet you will have to mill the grain and then run the flour through again. That's not uncommon for hand mills.

    3. If you are against plastic, you will not be happy with the "Whisper Mill" (now goes by Wonder Mill).

    4. I posted a lot of information in this recent thread in Question and Answer: [ame=""]Anyone have a grain mill? - Frugal Village Forums[/ame]

    If you have any more questions, I'd be glad to try and answer them.

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    Grainlady: you mentioned the Country Living mill. Is it worth the cost? I really like how durable it seems, but question the price. Thoughts? Thanks!

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