Blendtec K-Tec grain mill?
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    Default Blendtec K-Tec grain mill?

    Does anyone own or has used a Blendtec K-Tec grain mill?

    It is the only one of the three I'm considering that is made in the USA. I really would prefer to buy made in USA whenever I can, since it is so hard to find things made in the USA. It is also less expensive than the Nutrimill or the Wonder Milll... but I'm not sure it has all the features. I think it is noisier, and it might not grind as many types of things as the other two.

    "Note: This is a flour mill that makes very fine flour and will not make coarse meal like cracked wheat. Though it has four coarseness settings, the coarsest setting makes flour with the consistency of corn meal." I don't know if I would want to grind cracked wheat, but I might want to grind beans sometime... So, I was wondering whether anyone has experience with this mill?

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