Anyone own a Black & Decker Deluxe BM??
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    Default Anyone own a Black & Decker Deluxe BM??

    I'm having a horrible time getting decent loaves out of this thing! It sooo can't handle big loaves (2.5lbs iffy no way 3lb)! Anyhoo, the thing is going to get turfed if I can't figure it out!! Anyone else have one of these suckers and are you having success????

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    Default your PM but decided to see some info on it..........wasn't good....what I found.

    Can't imagine what is wrong.......but this will tell you that you are not alone.........sorry.......have never owned a B & D but never had any serious prob. w/ a b.m. either. (not fond of the round loaves)

    Black & Decker B2300 Bread Machine Reviews. Buying Guides & Consumer Product Reviews -

    (do have to add that I don't like ANY Black and Decker burned on a couple of them years ago and have never bought another one)

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