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Thread: Freezer funk?

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    Default Freezer funk?

    I've noticed that the freezer in my 2nd fridge has developed a sort of funky smell to it. I can't imagine that anything has gone bad as everything is still frozen and we've had no power outages in quite a long time, but it still smells. It's not a "gone bad" smell, just very funky.

    I do know the freezer cycles, because sometimes freezer bags of pasta sauce or taco filling get a little soft, but all the meats (roasts, sausage, chicken breast, etc.) stay very firm. And, when I go to cook them they seem fine and don't have any particular smell. Nothing in the freezer is open, and nothing has leaked.

    Anybody got ideas about how to fix this problem and rid myself of the smell?
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    I'd suggest an open box of baking soda placed in the back area of the freezer to help 'absorb' funky smells.

    If you have the time and method to keep things frozen, I'd suggest thawing out the freezer and wiping clean and starting with a fresh freezer and again - add the open box of baking soda.

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    I had that problem awhile back, I froze onions, green peppers and some brocolli, and had them in ziploc bags instead of the foodsaver ones, after about a month mine started to smell. I wiped out the freezer with baking soda water, then resealed the veggies into foodsaver bags. It worked for me.

    I have also heard that a few peices of charcol works, the plain kind, dont use the one that has lighter fluid on them.

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    agree w/ opened box of bkng soda. i use it in all the frig's and freezers we have. when i change them, i use them for the disposal and drains.

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