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    Default another washer question

    I have a Maytag that came with my house and although I don't think its from 1952, its pretty darn old.

    The timer went where it doesn't advance the cycle. The washer still works.

    I found something online about Maytag timers so when I get home tonight I'm going to try to find the model number and all that. But I'm seriously doubting that it will be worth fixing even IF I could get the part, which I doubt.

    So...more than likely I will be shopping for a new washer. I guess my question is how big of a tub do I need? Its just my son and I and normal laundry schedule is 2 loads of clothes, one load of linens per week. every couple of weeks I do a small load or two on delicate.

    My son is 6 now but he and his clothes are only going to get bigger. I don't want the smallest size but I most definitely do not need the largest size either. Looking for an efficient top loader at a very reasonable price.

    I have a Sears scratch and dent center close by that I will check out next week.

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    I replaced the timer on my Maytag washer for $50. It took about 20 minutes, and I only had to remove 4 screws.

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    I changed mine out a couple years ago...It was about $50 for the part..Appliance Parts, Lawn Mower Parts, Vacuum Cleaner Parts - has instructions on everything..You know that all Matage has moved the Mexico..

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    I would definitely check to see how much the timer would run before you invest in a new machine. Those older Maytags were very well made and very nearly bulletproof. I can't think of anything nowadays that is that well made that doesn't cost a fortune.

    That being said....I am a larger person, and I have plenty of capacity with my Whirlpool designed 3.2 cu ft. toploader.

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