UK question about toaster ovens
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    Default UK question about toaster ovens

    I know no British friend/acquaintance who has such an item - a toaster oven. I have seen them in use in homes in the Netherlands and in France, but not in the UK.

    We are thinking we might buy one for our mini (very mini) camper van, as an alternative to using the on-board gas hob - for two reasons. One reason is that when we are camped on a site, with electricity hook-up, we would use the site's electricity (which is usually not metered, here - you pay an overnight fee for hook-up and there's no monitoring of how much power you use) for the appliance, not our own on-board gas supply. Frugality, you see. Another reason is that, in mainland Europe, where it's - er - warmer than the UK, we could set up our toaster oven outside the camper, and not overheat the inside of the vehicle, where we sleep.

    My questions are: what can you cook, with a toaster oven? Are they really worth the cost? We have no space inside the camper for even the smallest microwave oven, so we're just thinking [U]small[U] toaster oven: maybe.

    Any suggestions? Opinions? Experiences? All helpful posts gratefully received.

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    I used mine all the time in the US for toasting, but also for baking/roasting anything that would fit. Sometimes I just wanted to bake 6 muffins, a couple of cookies, or dinner for one and it seemed a waster to use the big oven. Really, you can make anything you can make in the regular oven, so long as it fits

    I miss having one, especially given the cost of energy here.

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    I liked to cook pot pies in my toaster oven when I had one, and when I was a meat-eater. Not sure what pot pies are called in Great Britain - they are little pies with meat and vegetables. Toaster ovens are awesome for open-faced sandwiches too.

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