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  1. Other sources besides ReStore & Craigslist?
  2. Thanksgiving + Autumn DIY Decor Ideas
  3. Painting - Hiring someone
  4. Adventures in Decorating Part 4
  5. Adventures in Decorating Part 3
  6. Adventures in Decorating Part 2
  7. Adventures in Decorating Part 1
  8. New couch and love seat off craigslist
  9. Anyone else do this????
  10. Fall decorating 2012!!!
  11. ISO applique pattern for fireplace
  12. Tablecloth, runner, placemats?
  13. What’s your favorite canvas art in home decoration? Share it.
  14. ?Country Style????
  15. It's like a brand new dresser!!!!
  16. Toooooo Hot + staying inside = cleaning/rearranging!
  17. Do's and don'ts for renovation
  18. Decorating Your Home for a Casual Look
  19. there is an ethan allen british classics armoire in the salvation army
  20. Bathroom Updates for Designing
  21. Do you or your dh make things for your home?
  22. What is your favorite decorating style?
  23. There must be some sort of limit.........
  24. Any good home decorating magazines?
  25. How to paint over a bad surface?
  26. Waterbeds. Softside vs. Hardside
  27. Purchasing from a Garage Sale
  28. Decor blogs and Chalkpaint
  29. What's Your Style Quiz
  30. tables made new!
  31. whats your style?
  32. Which would you choose?
  33. Refinished Furniture Projects
  34. Photo Wall
  35. the books by alexandra stoddard
  36. Repurposing Old Furniture into Something Different
  37. spinoff "frugal is fun" thread on "thoughts on compromising"
  38. Creative help wanted! Ziploc bag storage?
  39. furniture shopping ugh
  40. Plastic Bag Christmas Wreath
  41. Do you enjoy decorating blogs?
  42. Anyone decorated for fall yet?
  43. what do you think makes a room look "good"?
  44. Ready to fall clean and spruce up????
  45. I love this lamp redo!
  46. Toilet Tank Covers
  47. House Colors
  48. great use of tiny space
  49. 14 yo dd room redo
  50. painter made me laugh...
  51. Black residue under old,old carpeting
  52. I'm Turning Into My Mother-Shoe Nicknacks
  53. Do Your Bathroom Towels All Match
  54. How to CLUTTER your home.
  55. hi, I'm kemma and I'm a compulsive furniture rearranger...
  56. Easy Interior Door Makeover
  57. replacing rugs
  58. Refinishing a desk
  59. Brightening up your home in the dark of winter
  60. yesterday at the salvation army...
  61. is it weird? crazy thoughts
  62. Have you started your Christmas decorating yet?
  63. Adding Personality to a Bathroom
  64. Fancy napkin folds
  65. Decorating Ideas for the Master Bedroom
  66. has anyone ever bought a slip cover and liked the way it looked?
  67. Decorating for Thanksgiving.
  68. Interesting Paint Effect
  69. Laminate Flooring
  70. i decorated for fall today
  71. ACKKKKKKKK That's it I am Hiring someone to keep my sanity!
  72. Calculating How Much Paint to Buy
  73. help - cant find a link for decorating idea
  74. Inexpensive Idea
  75. I've been working pretty hard on decorating
  76. Refinishing tired furniture
  77. What's on your dresser
  78. Painting a Countertop
  79. Have you ever completely changed your decor style?
  80. Stripping Wallpaper
  81. My trash 2 treasure bread box
  82. my second salvation army score
  83. Thinking about Wallpaper
  84. TV Placement
  85. reupholstering furniture yourself?
  86. What's your favourite interior wall colour
  87. A cheap alternative to curtains...why didn't *I* think of this...
  88. What's Your Style
  89. Decorating with Succulents
  90. Mixing hardwood?
  91. Think I'm going to decorate a bit.
  92. Choosing Exterior Paint Colours
  93. linen lovers unite!
  94. eldred wheeler chest - my salvation army score!
  95. How do you choose your accessories?
  96. Who Is your Lv Rm Designed For?
  97. my crazy pink bedroom redux
  98. What Colour is Your Bathroom?
  99. Aroma decorating
  100. furniture rearranging musings
  101. lane cedar chest - new to me!
  102. Decorating Kitchens
  103. Decorating Girl's Rooms
  104. Decorating Boy's Rooms
  105. Yard sale and thrift store finds
  106. What's popular on windows these days?
  107. Make The Most Of What You Have
  108. polished my cordovan (burgundy) leather chair
  109. 23 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom
  110. Spare bedroom ideas for future please
  111. Need help organzing toothbrushes.
  112. slipcovers - found good ones at walmart
  113. Our new family room is finally painted and organized!
  114. Make a Game Room for Your Family
  115. Bathrooms on a budget
  116. Does your bed need a headboard?
  117. Decorating Tuscan Style
  118. Decorating the bedroom for free
  119. Cost for New Hardwood Floors/Installation?
  120. Bathroom Colors?
  121. What Color Goes With...
  122. How do I create a wood grain effect on walls?
  123. Carpet Tile
  124. Refinishing furniture anyone?
  125. Paint
  126. Most desparate decorating situation?
  127. Decorating solution that saved you the most money?
  128. Most unique decorating solution?
  129. Need opinions on furniture
  130. Help With Decorating with Antique Tools
  131. Carpet?
  132. Did you know...
  133. Stuck on Colors
  134. Finally decided on what goes on the walls.
  135. Lauri Ward books/staging/downsizing
  136. How would you classify country style?
  137. How would you describe your style?
  138. Water Damages
  139. Upholstery cleaning
  140. retrofit los angeles
  141. Picking Paint colours
  142. Penguins in the bathroom
  143. Carpet Cleaning
  144. Painting concrete floors
  145. How to lighten up my living room
  146. Home decorating in the New Year
  147. What to do with a broken mirror?
  148. Home Decorators Collection
  149. Decision made on the couch!!!!
  150. Question: Chenille vs. Microfiber
  151. I need some creative ideas...
  152. What a Quart of Black Paint Can Do!!!!
  153. Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  154. Has anyone bought furniture from Ikea? How did it hold up?
  155. Yard Sale pretties!
  156. I Have A Kitchen Decorating Dilema
  157. What is.......
  158. Making progress on our house!
  159. Does decorating=clutter?
  160. Decorating help, please!
  161. Looked at new love seats today and ...
  162. Shabby Chic/White walls/What color picture frames?
  163. My love seat, I love it but ....
  164. Accessories ... "Where" do you find room to put them ...?
  165. Another woodwork question???
  166. The best place to get drapery rods?
  167. Wanna see what I did with...
  168. Finally finished!
  169. Covered a chair
  170. Painted this weekend!
  171. What color for the walls? *Advice needed*
  172. Made a decision
  173. What makes a cozy home?
  174. little changes
  175. What colors go well with.....
  176. Paint choices!
  177. I'm at it again.
  178. Wood Tone or White???
  179. Living room decorations
  180. Anyone want to make curtains for me?
  181. I did my own rag garland tutorial
  182. Suggestions, please
  183. Check out what a wonderful FV made me
  184. Do you decorate for seasons?
  185. decorating idea
  186. What's your decor style?
  187. Painted furniture
  188. free bathroom make-over!
  189. I need some ideas...please
  190. need help for picture windows
  191. Looking for some DIY headboard ideas!
  192. I made dd new bedding, wanna see?
  193. I made some window treatments yesterday!
  194. Fix For a Low Couch
  195. so I think this is what I am gonna do
  196. my newest creation
  197. What would you do?
  198. Trash to Treasure Projects
  199. I promised pictures and here they are.
  200. Aaaaarrrrgggghhh! A little help please....
  201. Antique Wedding Dress Display
  202. Need your advice about my shower curtain
  203. I see I will be here often *lol*
  204. Cedar Chest..Got one, now what?
  205. Prim on a no budget
  206. Trash to Treasure
  207. frugal option to a slipcover?
  208. Starting to renovate my kitchen...
  209. anyone like primitives?
  210. My 'new' kitchen
  211. My 'old' kitchen
  212. Decorated my bathroom for only $15...
  213. While I was sleeping
  214. This is the headboard I want to make
  215. Tearing apart an old couch and using the frame
  216. Who wants to help me decorate my dd's room?
  217. A Brand New Loveseat(Well Almost!)
  218. Redecorating with what you have
  219. Need creative ideas to redo countertops
  220. Candle leftovers
  221. If I can get a pic, will you guys help me and DH
  222. Photos of cute, cheap decor!
  223. Online submission of painting job for my motel.
  224. Grrr! (Rant)
  225. Need Drapery suggestions.
  226. decisions decisons..
  227. How is your house decorated? Whats.....
  228. Redecorating a Room
  229. redecorating the living room (with no $$$)
  230. And another happy dance...
  231. Kitchen / dining room remodel is done...
  232. Bedroom remodel is done
  233. bathroom before and after pics
  234. Refinished a chest of drawers
  235. Need ideas for kids room
  236. Tips for home decor.
  237. decorative items to put in mason jar?
  238. Anyone have a denim couch?
  239. Need decorating help
  240. Themes in Your House?
  241. Who's Laughing Now?
  242. Top 10 Ways to Make Over Your Home for Spring
  243. Decorating for Spring
  244. Some pics of my house....
  245. Home improvement-ish question
  246. bathroom remodeling on the cheap?
  247. Nothing doin' but we had to go shopping for granite countertops
  248. Gripey and I are about to tear into the kitchen
  249. my bedroom
  250. Need Advice/Tips Please..Basement