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  1. YNAB decision
  2. Seasonal Consignment Sales
  3. progress in spending habits
  4. Saving money thoughts
  5. medical studies
  6. Mortgage pre qualification..
  7. Franklin Covey Budget Worksheet--Anyone Use This?
  8. Does your dh/so know about your debt or do you hide it from him/her?
  9. Buyers remorse over a hat and scarf?
  10. 2009 is our year to kill most of the debt!
  11. Trying a budget on for size...
  12. Another breakthrough??
  13. Are your payments made the....
  14. What do you plan on giving up to...
  15. Good article on getting rid of debt
  16. Investing in precious metals
  17. Please help - Re-fi questions
  18. Confessions of a Procrastinator
  19. changing my money goals - asking for advice.
  20. New Feature on Discover Card Website
  21. I taught him too much
  22. Not so fast with that credit-card industry bailout
  23. Need some advice from FV experts..
  24. Free online budgeting tool...
  25. I want to cry.
  26. Save Money and Energy with New Tax Credits
  27. What to do?
  28. Debt reduction 5am?
  29. What would you do?
  30. Cash on Hand
  31. 2009 the year debt is blasted
  32. 'til debt do us part...its changed things
  33. Still plodding along.
  34. HELP! Can you see something that I can't?
  35. How Does PMI Figure into the Foreclosure Mess?
  36. ING Direct
  37. What a difference a year makes!
  38. bill payment prob with my bank
  39. My joy in an increased property tax bill!
  40. Another one bites the dust.
  41. What are your financial goals for 2009?
  42. looking for an IRS form
  43. keeping track of money
  44. house or debt?
  45. Impulse shopper?
  46. Mad Hen's To the Penny, Every Penny, Full Disclosure in December Thread
  47. back on the snow ball wagon
  48. A Child Fund?
  49. It's official!
  50. It is not much but.....savings
  51. Online bill payment mistake that I made!
  52. A good reason why I'm glad we have the EF...
  53. budget busters
  54. Completed my debt honesty assessment...
  55. Does this sound like a good plan?
  56. Doctor bill rant
  57. The "Dave Ramsey" plan by Citibank
  58. What are you doing with your money?
  59. What would you do? Making my dream home a reality...
  60. Savings Bonds - ?
  61. Loans to pay loans?
  62. cc payoff question
  63. Help please
  64. Help Please: Credit Card Interest
  65. Being charged a fee for buying rolled coin?
  66. How much of your debt is consumer debt?
  67. pros and cons of a second job
  68. Citibank credit card - sneaky, sneaky
  69. update 2 months on how am I doing?
  70. Government mortage rescue plan revealed!
  71. Eviction question
  72. AmEx to become a bank
  73. Cable Bill
  74. Is your job really secure ?
  75. Egads!!!! More doctor bills
  76. How DO you set priorities
  77. balancing wants, needs, and debt reducation
  78. Just got...
  79. Savings allocations
  80. !!!What A Shocker!!!
  81. Goals?
  82. Unuathorized charges
  83. Anyone heard of YNAB?
  84. Am I better off with a CD ladder or one big 12 month CD?
  85. Well I haven't started snowballing yet but...
  86. Bundling services works?
  87. Buying a house question?
  88. Credit Card Debt Payoff
  89. Home buying question
  90. Online surveys for cash???
  91. Murphy came to visit .. again!!!
  92. Pmi
  93. Rising insurance premium is stressing me out!!!
  94. Right time to purchase home?
  95. Budge blown already
  96. Is the economic crisis making you rethink where you are financially?
  97. now what? debt reduction plan, and now baby
  98. Iím not frugal so I can finance you!
  99. How much do we really need?
  100. No One Is Even LOOKING At Houses.
  101. The snowball begins
  102. How would you approach this?
  103. UHG! Car repairs!
  104. Woman pays off $30k debt in 15 months
  105. this is a scam...right?
  106. Auto Repairs Worked Out!!
  107. Keep paying monthly or pay it in full?
  108. Need advice on how to pay for braces
  109. Should We Try to Refinance?
  110. this is the weekend
  111. The world's soundest bank system
  112. Truly profound financial advice from an excellent planner!
  113. Is the stimulus subtracted from returns?
  114. Finally!!!
  115. I don't like budgets
  116. living expenses
  117. sinking (so it seems)
  118. They're canceling my credit card.
  119. Wow! That Was Fast!
  120. I should be happy (I need to vent)
  121. Talk to Me About Life Insurance
  122. Can someone help me with mortgage math?
  123. Stock market furor...
  124. Frustrated
  125. Retirement / Downpayment savings - What now? (long, long long)
  126. question about EF?
  127. Spreadsheet for tracking debts
  128. Dh got word about his raise finally.
  129. The kid needs shoes... again!
  130. Home Ins. cost and coverage
  131. Raising deductibles on home insurance
  132. Who was brave enough to check their 401K???
  133. How's this for an idea that would save the taxpayers money and boost the economy?
  134. Sallie Mae is not my friend!!!!
  135. My BEF is...
  136. Wish my friend would get it!
  137. I bonds question
  138. Budget help for young couple?
  139. Stop Investing in 401k?
  140. What's involved with renting an apartment?
  141. New Economic Plan - The We Deserve it Dividend
  142. Credit Card cancelled ME
  143. Wall Street Bailout.....
  144. Late start for retirement?
  145. Homestead Act/Exemption
  146. I may have to melt the snowball...for now.
  147. advise helping out our kids
  148. Payment due dates
  149. Taxes and charity deductions
  150. Taxes and charity deductions
  151. Don't tell Murphy!!!
  152. Need Some Financial Advice
  153. Does anyone else have this problem?
  154. after nonmortgage debt is gone...advice?
  155. Good news for our family
  156. My loving DH learned something out of all this debt stuff.
  157. The 3 Legged Stool
  158. Mortgage vent
  159. Debt Vs Vacation
  160. A development
  161. I get more brilliant with age!
  162. Pay rise
  163. Paypal Money Market Fund?
  164. So what do you think is going on here?
  165. Good Money Quote
  166. Sinking Fund / Freedom Account
  167. singing~the sun will come out tomorrow...
  168. 5 more years .... MAX!!
  169. Some days it is just hard.
  170. 12 more months....
  171. out of control
  172. Progress!
  173. Not a big deal but....
  174. Debt Settlement
  175. Consumer credit counseling
  176. don't count your chickens before they hatch
  177. School taxes
  178. WaHoo
  179. Should I contribute past the 401K pre-tax limit?
  180. UGH - *shakes fist at Murphy*
  181. So proud of dd!
  182. Excel based Snowball Calculator
  183. what should i do next?
  184. Good news...
  185. Advice on how to sell our house?
  186. I depeleted my EF today!
  187. Five Habits of Millionaires
  188. Help Me With Advice for My Dad
  189. Upset with irresponsible stepsons... (money rant)
  190. Lower Interest Rate?
  191. property taxes relief
  192. I hate credit card companies!!!
  193. Do I start budgeting in blow money for DH?
  194. August Numbers
  195. take him up on his offer ??
  196. Rant but it can be done
  197. HSBC's savings rate
  198. GRRRRRRRRR!!!! (rant)
  199. Confused about the money...
  200. Indirect "in your face"
  201. So, do you owe the money when.....
  202. decisions on new budget made
  203. The extras,September budget but not a normal monthly bill
  204. The Best and Worst Ways to get Fast Cash
  205. Help with Budget please!
  206. Pay off debt vs. savings
  207. I'm so torn, keep or sell the motorcycle?
  208. My One Month FV Anniversary or: Has Anyone Seen the Old Me?
  209. So, I had a little money talk with dh last night
  210. Need to get our debt undercontrol... how frustrating...
  211. Even the scheduled budget can go wrong.
  212. The sequel to Your Money or Your Life
  213. I am such a number dork...
  214. 529s for college?
  215. What if we all got money-smart?
  216. What happens when you are actually debt free?
  217. Okay I figured it up
  218. Owing up to my CC charges using money out of savings.
  219. Money Management, 1951 style
  220. Why "Whole Life" Insurance is a rip
  221. Getting back with the program.
  222. Spouse - not with the program?
  223. If one more person in this house says they need money...VENT
  224. Pep Talk Needed
  225. Feed the Pig....have you seen these commercials?
  226. pay only the minimum??
  227. Bought a house, now I can itemize! What receipts should I be saving?
  228. Maxed Out, the tv show.........
  229. what are your thoughts on tithing and rapid debt repayment?
  230. The lack of Financial Ed. in schools
  231. Awwww bummer man!
  232. would you let adult children back to live with you?
  233. credit score - do you care?
  234. Savings chart
  235. I Saved $1,359!!!
  236. DR - when do u save for a car
  237. Debit card fees
  238. Living expenses savings.
  239. What is considered an emergency to use your EF?
  240. Lower interest rate on credit cards
  241. Tons of Financial Calulators! Even for Canadians!
  242. AMMO Needed. -quickly
  243. The first step to our debt snowball success!
  244. any other Ron Paul economy fans here?
  245. Ahhhh....retirement just got more complicated.
  246. Another sign that the US economy is improving...
  247. I think Cricketlegs' karma rubbed off on us...
  248. wow, the budget really works
  249. Seriously!!
  250. HSBC Savings Accounts