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  33. Old Debt
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  38. These people found the secret to financial success is a few strong drinks
  39. why am i so afraid to cut up the credit card?
  40. Help Me: How to best pay off my student loans (all details in post)
  41. Why you should save for something fun
  42. Q: How to get out of debt when I was just accepted to medical school?! ADVICE NEEDED
  43. Term Life Insurance
  44. What is your regret debt? (can be more than one)
  45. Cash out a life insurance policy?
  46. Wow I guess I am considered rich now?
  47. Paying down private student loan all at once?
  48. Equifax Reports Enormous Security Breach
  49. Payoff advice
  50. What would you do?
  51. Should I refi the house or the student loan?
  52. Extra funds and wisest use
  53. Help after writing out a budget
  54. How to properly pay off closed credit card accounts at a fraction of the balance
  55. Paid off car before credit card, but I feel ok about it
  56. I live pay check to pay check even without debts and don't know what to do.
  57. Should I pay this judgment
  58. What to PAY OFF first?
  59. Household Debt Makes a Comeback in the U.S.
  60. Nothing seems to be working.
  61. credit card forgiveness
  62. Trying to pay-off credit cards
  63. Now what?
  64. 15 Things You Should NEVER Waste Your Money On
  65. Should we upgrade our car?
  66. Most Americans Have No Savings But Loan The Government $200-300 Every Month
  67. Car Insurance Companies for Teens?
  68. Newbie debt reduction advice
  69. What would you do?
  70. Roth 2017/Roth 2018 questions
  71. Automobile Negative Equity - To pay off or keep??
  72. Back on Track
  73. College Saving - 529 Plan or Roth IRA
  74. Life long spendthrift
  75. Flexible spending account - is it worth it?
  76. My Clunker Most Likely Won't Survive My Debt Snowball
  77. New home question
  78. So little of house payment goes to principal
  79. Retirement savings? How much? Home ownership?
  80. Roth versus traditional investing theory
  81. Car Payments and Downgrading
  82. Happy Dance #2
  83. Long road ahead-long story
  84. Question about the healthcare mandate.
  85. Lost my motivation, looking for more!
  86. Trying to pay cash for college...
  87. Doing a Small Happy Dance!
  88. BABY STEP 6 and an unxepected surprise.
  89. Paid off my first bill!!!!
  90. Old Guy - I have a money question
  91. How much "fun money" do you allow yourself?
  92. Help second job ideas
  93. Hey Old_Guy! Stock Market Predictions
  94. New Here ... New Job... How to Get Back on My Feet
  95. a safe to store envelopes at home
  96. What is the #1 hardest thing you have to deal with related to money management?
  97. Credit Cards Paid Off! Now what?
  98. Husband has personal liens, why is my mortgage searchable under his name?
  99. Struggling with debt collection (Mohela) and really need thoughts-please help!
  100. "I didn't pay taxes. I got a refund!"
  101. Why loan interest is "front-loaded"
  102. Old Credit Card Nightmare
  103. Building credit as a Pizza Delivery Driver
  104. 401k loan update
  105. How important is that credit score anyway?
  106. Use Extra Money to Pay on Home Mortgage or Rental Mortgage (Or Get Rid of Rental)
  107. Sell truck and use loaner?
  108. Taxes are done ...
  109. Saving for retirement on a low income
  110. What to pay off first
  111. Regular credit cards or store credit cards first?
  112. Using a 401K loan to pay off credit cards
  113. How Exactly Does SwagBucks work?
  114. To Car or Not to Car
  115. debt consolidation!
  117. Required Minimum Distributions from IRA
  118. Snowball Question
  119. Extra Income
  120. Snowball vs Paying against principle situationally?
  121. Tactics for Dealing with 100K+ Student Debt
  122. DH's pay got changed from bi-monthly to every two weeks...
  123. Cheapest Cell Phone?
  124. Our situation $3800 a month after taxes, Long Island
  125. House Insurance
  126. Small business and debt reduction
  127. Quicken + Allocated Spending Plan
  128. Have a financial safety net!
  129. update on 401k loan
  130. I need to start over in October!!!
  131. Whole Life Policy
  132. Solar debt
  133. I did something i didn't think i would do.
  134. School me on Capital Gains in a Taxable Account
  135. Hello there ! i'm back
  136. Crisis of conscience?
  137. Which debt to tackle first....
  138. The BEF is funded - now on to the Debt Snowball!!
  139. Has anyone done a debt consolidation loan before?
  140. Need help!! What do I do???
  141. Please Help, need advice on CC Debt. Feel desperate
  142. I need help reviewing my credit report
  143. Does cutting back on "the little things" really help?
  144. should I dip into my savings to pay down my CC debt?
  145. Need Budget Help/Financial Advice
  146. can you have too much credit?
  147. Every Dollar?
  148. At a crossroads, debt or house?
  149. Wife Cosigned Sister's Student Loan Without my Knowledge
  150. Interest Earned - Where Does it Go??
  151. student loan debt limitation period for collections?
  152. Average family savings
  153. I Lost My Job
  154. Trac Phone??
  155. Tracking Your Money Question
  156. Mortgage? HELOC? Loan? Complicated situation
  157. New Savings Goal- moving fund
  158. 1000 days until I retire
  159. Good reading- 'The 5 Numbers You Need to Know to get a Handle on your Money'
  160. Experiment: Living one month on projected retirement income
  161. Opinions - down payments on first home?
  162. What's really holding back the middle class.
  163. Rounding Down to save on debt
  164. Advice on how to deal with mistrust with finances in a marriage
  165. Authorized User on CC
  166. Anyone know of a good budgeting software?
  167. Drastic changes are a comin.
  168. Interesting article on Holdiay overspending
  169. Advice needed
  170. Budget Help
  171. Who plans to pay off their mortgage in 2015?
  172. 401k as a business emergency fund
  173. Furnace replacment
  174. Payday Loans
  175. Slowly But Surely
  176. I have been tracking my spending for the past few weeks If I wasn't scared before ...
  177. Living in a world few understand
  178. Poverty Mentality
  179. Frugality and Clutter
  180. Are debt management and debt consolidation are same things?
  181. What is penalty APR?
  182. Need debt advice
  183. Charts & Graphs
  184. Pay off credit card debt
  185. Back on the couponing bandwagon!
  186. Thinking of moving....
  187. Debt eliminating program
  188. Can credit card company garnish IRA?
  189. I Have Debt!! Here is my Financial Snapshot.
  190. How can I feel more excited about this?
  191. Capital One Raised my Credit Limit... for a bad reason
  192. Identify Debt
  193. I am so bummed
  194. A new chapter - moving in 12-18 months!
  195. Suggestions with Budgeting/Debt
  196. Pay-as-she-goes college plan
  197. True or false regarding college loans?
  198. Pay off credit card debt
  199. Fee only CFP
  200. The weakness of not having focus
  201. What to show financial advisor?
  202. Financial Mid-year Assessment
  203. Deleting from credit reports
  204. Getting caught up - did it stress you out...?
  205. Rookie...and scared
  206. 42% of New Parents Have No Money
  207. Most People in the World Have No Idea How to Manage Their Money
  208. Mutual funds vs regular savings account.
  209. Pay off Mortgage vs. Save for College??
  210. Bad money management when I get small windfalls
  211. What are you selling right now
  212. Should we look into refinancing our house?
  213. Wow! I finally did the math and we can pay of cc's in just three years!
  214. Anyone pay a certian bill first just because it's easier to pay?
  215. How do you find extra money to put towards debt?
  216. Paid off my hospital bill !
  217. How am I doing?
  218. Just re-fied my car loan...and we will
  219. I can afford WHAT????
  220. Dealing with Collections question
  221. Seeking Opinions on Balance Transfers
  222. Has anyone done an IRS payment plan?
  223. Am I copping out?
  224. Getting serious..once again..
  225. Who is watching Gail Vaz Oxlades' new debt reduction show "Princess"?
  226. Interesting payroll deduction observations
  227. I'm trying not to be a selfish crankypants over giving money to a family member!
  228. Off my budget a little
  229. Much better tax situation this year! WOOHOO
  230. How are you feeling this tax season? Did you file yet?
  231. How gettint 3 new credit cards affected my FICO and VantageScore
  232. ISO Coupon Code for YNAB
  233. My insurance is thru the ROOF
  234. How to Get Fit Financially and Save Money
  235. How much are the taxes on your primary residence
  236. Why Saving Money Is So Hard
  237. Mortgage Question
  238. How do you organize bills?
  239. A Pleasant Problem
  240. How do you budget and keep track of expenses?
  241. newbie here, question on paying off house with or investing
  242. Low cost refi
  243. emergency fund question and checking in
  244. Random Thought on Debt
  245. How to estimate taxes for future earning scenarios???
  246. Adult Allowance
  247. Have you followed Suze Orman's advice and...
  248. Anyone else in orthodontic hell with the kids?
  249. If you are going to use Gorilla's advice to buy a car this article might help.
  250. Best credit cards to own according to article.