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  1. Why is CCNA difficult?
  2. DIY education
  3. Associates after bachelors
  4. what did you use for SAT/ACT prep?
  5. Paying for college when financial status has changed
  6. GED for high-schoolers?
  7. How much are expenses for middle and high school students?
  8. Frustrated with the TAG: Talented and Gifted Program
  9. Thoughts/Advice needed re: gifted kids
  10. I think my oldest will take after her dad
  11. Paying for kids' college expenses....
  12. Mislabeling in school
  13. Aspie and Teacher meeting update
  14. Homeschooling question
  15. Teacher and Asperger's child..need advice!
  16. There's a science teacher here :)
  17. Received an email from the teacher...
  18. Homeschooling on the Computer - help
  19. Backpack Index
  20. Creating Your own Homeschool Curriculum For Free
  21. Creating Your own Homeschool Curriculum For Free
  22. Reading Lists
  23. Confirmation!
  24. What do teachers make? More than you think...
  25. GREAT News concerning law school
  26. I am in school.
  27. Any homeschoolers out there use/have used Teaching Textbooks?
  28. Homework, when do they do it?
  29. Progress Report: Online Master's Degree
  30. Choosing a School for Your Children
  31. Taking the plunge
  32. educational toys
  33. Mom's Homeroom - school resources
  34. It's official! I earned my bachelor's degree!!
  35. Update on DD and school problems
  36. Well isn't that wonderful???
  37. When does school start
  38. DD and problems at school
  39. Times Sure Have Changed!!!
  40. what is your college major- trained skill- self trained skill....and do you use it..
  41. School is done.
  42. I just did the math.
  43. DS11 graduates from elementary school!
  44. Teaching stutterers
  45. Changes in the homeschool
  46. Anyone attending the HEAV Conference this weekend?
  47. Homeschool Budget Bonanaza~Used finds
  48. Has anyone used Time4Learning?
  49. As A Parent What Would You Do?
  50. Looking for a few high school curriculum items
  51. I am thinking of doing classes online....
  52. Did I approach this right?
  53. Our Adventure continues!
  54. Joining the ranks as a homeschooling mom
  55. helping your child
  56. Homeschooling...
  57. Question for those of you with kids in school
  58. Moving on to the 2nd grade phonics book??
  59. Activity ideas using old business cards?
  60. Science Curriculum
  61. Mad - Mad - Mad !!!
  62. Scootch Over...
  63. Homeschool Bound -- I hope...
  64. Homeschooling with a Preschooler - Need Help
  65. Paint Chip Phonics Cards
  66. He got it!!
  67. Any other non-traditional students out there?
  68. Educational CD Recommendations?
  69. Homeschooling a fidgety and easily distractable child...
  70. Homeschoolers ~ does anyone use Sue Patrick's Workbox system?
  71. My first 'real' homeschooling week
  72. playing catch up
  73. Anyother HS' finishing plans for 2009-2010 year
  74. Nascar's Homeschooled Star
  75. Homeschool forums?
  76. My used curriculum deals
  77. need help getting started... home schooling my child
  78. Learning A-Z Open House - Week of May 4
  79. Year Round Homeschool?
  80. Arkansas homeschoolers
  81. I am so MAD at that kid!
  82. My ds 6 is WRITING!
  83. Curriculum Sharing
  84. Wind - Science Project - help needed
  85. Hooked on Phonics? Has anyone used it?
  86. Biting my nails to nubs today
  87. Taking the Plunge, and I'm Scared
  88. This is so frustrating
  89. Algebra Resources
  90. Helping kids understand...
  91. TOO BUSY HOMESCHOOLING! long.......
  92. Do you believe that a teacher wouldn't send home a worksheet for a kid who's sick?
  93. Inauguration Day Activities
  94. Gabe - ? about the college you attended
  95. Homeschooling goes boom in America
  96. Update on ds, who I was thinking of putting in school
  97. Homeschool Ebooks
  98. Anti-TV Elitism?
  99. Fun timeline doubles as kids decor
  100. Scholastic $1 sale through 1/31
  101. Any Catholic Homeschoolers?
  102. How much do kid's activities cost?
  103. School Express - Free Now
  104. Tired of fighting him
  105. YDS's PTC went exceptionally well last night.
  106. Old Schoolhouse Mag new subscriptions ($7.95 for a year)
  107. CurrClick Black Friday Sale
  108. new to homeschooling HELP
  109. How bad do you think it would screw up my kid
  110. So proud of ODS! (special needs education discussion)
  111. Any other cyber-school families out there?
  112. Calling All Homeschoolers
  113. I love YouTube!!
  114. Math
  115. question about how to count hours of instruction
  116. free election themed printables and activities
  117. Homeschooling Moms!!!
  118. We've really found our hsing style
  119. Periodic chart of videos!
  120. Found a homeschool group!
  121. Mom Brag!!
  122. YankeeMom...
  123. Pen pals!
  124. Question about socialization...
  125. Homeschool day
  126. Putting children into daycare for the short term
  127. It's still not fun
  128. Anyone using unit studies?
  129. great website with free hs'ing tools
  130. I made a lesson plan!
  131. Math curriculum for a 5th grader?
  132. Anything special for the 1st day of school?
  133. our first big project!
  134. Starting up!
  135. The difference between college and university?
  136. 1st day of 1st grade
  137. I'm soooo excited!!
  138. Our kind of first day...
  139. What made you decide to homeschool?
  140. Homeschool victory!
  141. Making the BIG Move (to college)!
  142. Free copy of the ebook Getting it All Done by Marilyn Boyer
  143. Yes!!!
  144. Anyone ordered from A Beka online?
  145. Quick panic attack
  146. Where do your children go to college?
  147. Dollar Tree Workbook motherload
  148. Does this sound feasible (9th grade literature)
  149. Colllege FV-ers?
  150. questions about homeschooling
  151. schools-didn't mean for it to become a rant-long
  152. Homeschooling and groups
  153. The things you do for love
  154. Education of a Severely Disabled and Developmentally Delayed Child
  155. Going back to school..need advice for older students:)
  156. Free Homeschool Materials
  157. How rude!!
  158. Just ordered my first
  159. Anyone use "Explode the code"
  160. Don't ever give up!!
  161. How do you get started homeschooling?
  162. Anyone homeschooling teens?
  163. What is everyone using for math next year?!?
  164. Homeschooling without grades
  165. School dilemma
  166. Need field trip ideas?
  167. Question for those who homeschooled Kindergarten
  168. Grammar program for a 5th grader?
  169. can we attend school with our kids? (bullying issues)
  170. California ruling on banning homeschooling!!!
  171. Is anyone thinking about next year?
  172. Spiderwick type things
  173. Buying toy or toys
  174. The Play's the Thing (board game)
  175. middle schooler asking to me homeschooled
  176. Hello eveyone...I am looking for a scout penpal
  177. big old homeschool question....
  178. Ancient Greek lapbook
  179. *gulp* How to take the homeschooling plunge?
  180. FV College students - are you ready for Spring semester?
  181. Alright, Homeschoolers...Where in the world
  182. How would you handle this?
  183. Anyone else looking at colleges for their seniors?
  184. Homeschoolers!
  185. Please Review My 3-Minute Presentation!
  186. math conversions
  187. Got study question?
  188. Need help w/ campaign for dd
  189. Guess I am going to school
  190. Enjoying Homeschooling So Far!
  191. How are the college FV-ers doing?
  192. Abekka Book
  193. Homeschool Links and Freebies
  194. Well, I am about to give up
  195. More back to school tips!
  196. Back to school article!
  197. How many are in college now?
  198. Any pastors, preachers, ministers here? Education question
  199. homeschool round-up!!
  200. Frugal Homeschooling?
  201. Starting college at 45
  202. Neat Site!
  203. one more week!!
  204. earth science book recommendations?
  205. Right start math vs Math u see?
  206. Kids-Fun & Food
  207. Summer Homeschooling?
  208. kind of a homeschooling question...
  209. Anyone gotten a B.S. or B.A. degree online?
  210. DD16... She Did It!!!!
  211. Who is done already? And if not when are you finishing?
  212. DD16's History Project
  213. DD16 and AP US History, Again
  214. Reduced or Free school lunches?
  215. out of schools
  216. i r almost a graduate
  217. How the heck do I keep the house clean!
  218. Looking for links (specifically printables)
  219. great depression unit study
  220. Where to order tests?
  221. To homeschool or not to homeschool...
  222. Neely!!
  223. Homeschool round-up
  224. I need all your online resources ladies
  225. Easter Miracle!
  226. Need some suggestions please
  227. I HATE HER!!!! (vent)
  228. Homeschooling vs. Spec. Ed
  229. Report cards
  230. homeschooling worth it
  231. DD16s AP US History
  232. I bought Ruth Beechicks booklets
  233. does anyone belong to a support group?
  234. UPDATE on DD16 and AP US History
  235. DD16 and AP US History
  236. Homeschooling a severly disabled child?
  237. Anyone with a speech delayed preschooler?
  238. I Am Fed Up
  239. My homeschooling adventure may be starting...
  240. What can I do for grammar?
  241. If anyone's in Colorado (or anywhere, really)...
  242. Unit studies
  243. Special Needs Child
  244. Going for it!
  245. Big Sale on Homeschool Curriculum
  246. Why we are TRYING to pull him
  247. Interested BUT Clueless...
  248. We are pulling our son out of school
  249. Up in the air
  250. Hey guys....