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  1. Did you ever tried to help someone financially, without giving money?
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  5. I'm ( fill in the blank) and this is 2020
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  12. Money marriage advice
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  19. Where to invest? 401K vs. Roth?
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  21. interesting take on DR org.
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  26. Emergency fund question (when owning a house already?)
  27. Car Buying Advice Needed
  28. It is unbelievable how well the everydollar budjet is working for us...anyone else?
  29. Debt free!
  30. Please advice 180 000 in unsecured debt ..any thoughts?
  31. Dave's Advice on SP500 versus managed funds
  32. Yes - another Sell the house question!
  33. Please provide advice - New House & Go back into debt
  34. Your expert advice
  35. Financial Management Tools?
  36. Should we sell our house?
  37. Sell the SUV?
  38. 12/17/17 Debt Reduction and/or Savings Challenge!
  39. advice on car financial issue
  40. Dave Ramsey investing
  41. Overwhelmed- is that normal?
  42. Need advice on car purchase and paying down debt
  43. Just contacted ELP and am unsure if I should proceed
  44. New here, and need some advice
  45. When Renting is Better
  46. I could use some advice.
  47. Car Update - THANKS DR!!!
  48. The Long Road...Need Encouragement
  49. Emergency Fund Exception?
  50. Soliciting opinions on car purchase
  51. My progress thread: cleaning up the mess
  52. This Forum/Community
  53. Debt Free Journey
  54. Hold on Baby Step 2 for Solar Panels?
  55. Its been a few years back to say We're DEBT FREE house paid off
  56. Car Insurance ELP's, anyone utilize this option?
  57. Which credit card should we tackle next?
  58. Turning 62
  59. Amount of debt to be paid off in relation to income
  60. Starting our Debt snowball
  61. Another Update
  62. Join me on our journey
  63. Medical bills question
  64. Another emergency fund question
  65. Woohoo, time to start over >.<
  66. Baby step two - personal progress tracking
  67. can someone help me out
  68. Just got started - Follow my progress
  69. Trying to do the right thing.
  70. 12/16/16 Debt reduction -savings thread
  71. Going through a nightmare 2015 financially, don't know where to turn...
  72. Looking for a Financial Coach
  73. Emergency Fund Question
  74. book club review of Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makerover
  75. Murphy took a huge hit out of my e-fund. Back to baby step 3. :(
  76. Saving for Car
  77. Tried EveryDollar...question related to Google Sheets
  78. (Shamelessly) seeking encouragement after a big set back
  79. Use retirement to pay off car?
  80. Sell paid off car or keep!???
  81. Building wealth.
  82. Which debt to pay off. What would Dave say
  83. What should I do about my car?
  84. Car Question
  85. Is anybody using Everydollar.com?
  86. New and overwhelmed by TMMO budget
  87. It was worth it!!
  88. Car Situation
  89. Student Loans
  90. On baby step 2 and have run into a large money need
  91. Recommended Dave Ramsey Book? (We have no debt... other issues)
  92. Dave Ramsey Live Events: Smart Money Tour vs. TMM Live Event
  93. Pay car in cash or get a car loan and pay down student loans
  94. Dave Ramsey - Canada
  95. Trying to stay focused on our debt snowball
  96. I am having a hard time committing to paying off my mortgage.
  97. Mba
  98. Skeptical start...My Snowball Because CCs are too even.
  99. How to Start A blog
  100. 401k WD for debt settlement
  101. 401k or Roth Ira First?
  102. Is It To Early for 12/15/15
  103. Review my situation??
  104. YES!! Pay off the mortgage FIRST!!!
  105. Emotional attachment to property
  106. Should we sell our home to pay off student loan debt?
  107. What's more important - refi to 15 yr fixed OR college savings?
  108. The vote is out....
  109. book
  110. New here, trying to go Gazelle :)
  111. Gazelle Intense/Extra Income
  112. Biting my tongue!
  113. Looking for a Financial Advisor/Coach
  114. Things Dave says that I totally disagree with
  115. DH on board with debt reduction, but not gazelle intensity...
  116. New with a few questions
  117. I cut up all three of my credit cards this evening...
  118. Graduate School and Debt
  119. Questions about zero point budget
  120. Just starting baby steps!
  121. How much does FPU Central cost to use after the class is over?
  122. Dave's TMMO.com program. Has anyone joined?
  123. Babystep Questions
  124. Snowball..could it REALLY work that fast?!
  125. Feels like I will never pay off my house
  126. Should my high balance Student Loans go in baby step 2 or 6?
  127. Just an Update
  128. myRA accounts and the Baby Steps
  129. Question for those who have attended Financial Peace University
  130. Living like no one else?
  131. DR Podcasts with FPU?
  132. should I still be contributing towards my 401k?
  133. Need home advice
  134. Pause debt snowball or keep on going?
  135. Im the exact opposite... having a credit card makes me save money!
  136. My new Anniversary 12-20-13 DEBT FREE
  137. How do I negotiate on medical bills?
  138. At what age does DR recommend to draw Social Sercuity?
  139. Pay off house v. Save for retirement
  140. Anyone interested in purchasing 2 VIP tickets to Dave's event Thursday in NJ?
  141. emeals
  142. FPU class ?
  143. Funding a new roof
  144. How I track income and expenses....
  145. New and EXCITED to be here!
  146. How much is your grocery budget?
  147. How much should I save?
  148. I don't agree with step 2.0 from the "Expanded Baby Steps" thread.
  149. I don't agree with step 1.1 from the "Expanded Baby Steps" thread.
  150. Split : Drive Free - Retire Rich
  151. Weird Club Application
  152. Where should I park my money short term?
  153. Pay off mortgage or save towards next house?
  154. An Agonizing Decision
  155. It was SOOOOO worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. Back on Track...
  157. Question about Envelope system
  158. Let the sleeping dog lie or......
  159. Is it ok to take a vacation...?
  160. HELP!! Is bankruptcy the only solution here?
  161. Any advice would be much appreciated
  162. Is this wrong? What should I do?
  163. Was your original Debt Payoff Date Accurate?
  164. What would you do in my situation?
  165. Teaching the Kids about loans/CC's
  166. First post, need some advice.
  167. Need advice for Student Loans
  168. A good problem to have, but not sure how to proceed.
  169. About to complete step 6, now what
  170. Huge financial mess!
  171. Ideal College Savings for child?
  172. NO Home Owners Insurance!!!!
  173. Bye-Bye Baby step #5!,
  174. diversification Questions
  175. feeling hopeless - advice needed.
  176. Living on beans and rice
  177. Discouraged, Depressed, and looking for tips and some hope
  178. Staying motivated in BS #6?
  179. Free Dave Ramsey Audiobook!
  180. How to prioritize saving + debt
  181. crazy idea for envelope system - multiple check registers
  182. Can you guys look at my budget for me...
  183. Listened to Dave for years, certain things he never explains
  184. Is it too early for 12/13/14?
  185. Surprise the dr haters came to visit!!!!
  186. Rent or sell my house?
  187. how to keep living like nobody else so you can live like nobody else?
  188. DR Investing Advice on Mutual Funds
  189. Vehicle Questions
  190. Baby Step 4 - 15% of income invested for Retirement
  191. Dave Ramsey on the radio
  192. IBR Question
  193. Which debt pay down first...highest interest rate, or lowest principal?
  194. Afraid to work
  195. Total Money Make Over Book
  196. Newbie Rant :)
  197. Pay off student loans or save and stop paying student loans
  198. Today Makes one Year of Reading TTMMO
  199. Chapter 13 Case Discharged, Good news, I think
  200. help! new and priority question
  201. What would you do???
  202. Need advice on Dave recommends books
  203. Business Opportunity I would like Some DR style advice about.
  204. Segregated funds - should we????
  205. Help if you can! (this is very long but please help!!)
  206. Here's my budget?
  207. Envelope System Question
  208. Retirement
  209. Allocated Spending Plan ARGHHH!!
  210. Trying to snowball but Student loans taking over...
  211. One round of layoffs survived...
  212. Not very busy here
  213. What would Dave do? - Advice please
  214. Would you all consider doing this?
  215. this is UNBELIEVABLE.
  216. Disgusted... starting over again.
  217. Becoming a land lord?
  218. Which TurboTax should we get?
  219. SHUT UP!!! Yep feel free to tell me...to shut up!
  220. Cant get past BS1
  221. lurker, looking for advice!
  222. Budget Pie Chart
  223. Looking forward to tomorrows pay day
  224. Help! Totally overwhelmed!
  225. One medical bill down, two more to go
  226. What is the first thing you are going to buy when you are debt free?
  227. Car repair costs more than the car is worth
  228. Car Situation - What to do?
  229. We are DEBT FREE!
  230. Dave Ramsey Books
  231. Dave Ramesy and Credit?
  232. New here, not sure I can follow DR.
  233. In conversations, is one person "the bad guy" generally?
  234. when you just don't make enough
  235. on babystep 1 and have a question
  236. House/work dilemma
  237. Dave Ramsey coming to Houston
  238. Sinking funds: Medical?
  239. Really disappointed with myself and hubby - mostly myself
  240. 1st Semester of Medical School done...but in debt
  241. What would Dave Ramsey tell me to do?
  242. Stuck and don't know what to do..
  243. My Dirty Little Car Dilemma
  244. Considering purchasing $25k worth of cars. Good idea?
  245. Dave Ramsey's Christmas Giveaway
  246. Need some motivation
  247. Check this out Dave Ramsey! Very interesting comments!
  248. How do you budget your month?
  249. How much do you think Dave Ramsey is worth?
  250. What's your fave financial program & why?