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  1. Quilting club members - something to discuss
  2. Added more to the Churn Dash tutorial
  3. ? Tip ?
  4. CJ is my inspiration!!
  5. Ever attend a quilt class/club etc?
  6. Second tutorial starting tonight!!
  7. Admit, WHO used their seam ripper on the 9 patch?
  8. Nine patch tutorial block - finished!!
  9. Where are you in the 9 patch?
  10. Hidden Hearts Quilt Pattern
  11. Rotary Cutter Question
  12. Rotary Cutter Wound
  13. Quilting club members - assignment time
  14. More added to the quilting tutorial
  15. Quilters - you have got to see this
  16. Rhapsody in Blue--isn't it beautiful?
  17. DH's project...
  18. No-Batting Denim Quilt
  19. More added to the quilting tutorial
  20. Wonderful new quilting rulers
  21. Had the most wonderful time at a quilting class on Wed. night
  22. I've added another post to the tutorial
  23. Got the BOX!!
  24. Please make sure you re-read cutting instructions - tutorial
  25. Final cutting in block #1 - quilting tutorial added
  26. Here is a project I want to do this year
  27. For those doing the quilting tutorial - please read
  28. Do any of you have a "Little Foot" for your machine?
  29. More instructions have been added to the quilting tutorial
  30. Michelle (and others), this is for you
  31. Back to School Mini-Quilt
  32. Geometric Explosion
  33. Sherry (and others) I found the Jar Pattern!
  34. Quilting club members - our first choo choo train for 2003
  35. A little tip for saving thread
  36. Started the tutorial for the Nine Patch
  37. my quilts
  38. Quilting Treasure Box ARRIVED YOOHOOO
  39. Quilts given to me
  40. I made a tote bag!
  41. a seam allowance hint...
  42. How many unfinished projects do you have?
  43. How many quilts do you own?
  44. LINK: Quilt Blocks Galore
  45. Tutorial part #2 has been posted
  46. Here is my current project
  47. You might call these interesting
  48. Free applique patterns
  49. Lots of great sites listed here
  50. Watching quilting videos on the computer
  51. Would I love to make this quilt
  52. Determining yardage
  53. Let the quilting begin...lol!
  54. Disappointed in our Jo Ann's
  55. Good lighting when quilting
  56. Finished another top
  57. I've started the tutorial
  58. Quilting tutorial parts #1, 2 & 3
  59. quilt tieing
  60. One More Day!
  61. Quilting Link and pic: this was funny to me
  62. Photos of Amish quilts - stunning
  63. History of Amish quilting
  64. Frugal quilting
  65. They say its painless, I'm not convinced
  66. Ever heard of a memory quilt
  67. It was tough picking colors
  68. Stack & Slash?
  69. LINK: Free Quilt Block Patterns
  70. "Jar" Quilt Block
  71. See my FQ crate, link for Joanns
  72. What's the difference
  73. Finally!
  74. WOOHOO guess who has FQ's?
  75. has the fat quarter train
  76. Quilting Treasure Box
  77. So, come on tell us what you got in quilting supplies?
  78. Quilting tutorial FAQ's - PLEASE READ
  79. I'm hooked....
  80. Quilters - here are reasons to purchase you know what!!!
  81. fabric....
  82. CJ's materials post for the quilting tutorial
  83. Ok here is the CJ quilting posts....
  84. Quilting question
  85. i made a quilt top yesterday
  86. Link: another nice quilting website
  87. Link: really cute quilting website
  88. Link: list of 562 quilt sites all with free patterns
  89. does anyone else do this?
  90. Old quilts.........question
  91. Shouldn't a true friend.......
  92. Link Kaye Wood
  93. Another block done for the tutorial
  94. quilt tieing
  95. Quilting tutorial assignment - #2
  96. When quilting, do you make it has a story?
  97. Are you willing to experiment with new designs
  98. Link: new to me quilting site...
  99. Could you make a quilt in the colors you don't like?
  100. Debbie Mumm's quilting project for Dec.
  101. Quilters - you'll love this screensaver
  102. Lots of information here for quilters
  103. Scrap quilts
  104. Another what am I question
  105. Quilt sizes - finished
  106. Quilting books
  107. Captclearance - thank you
  108. Another great quilting book
  109. Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns
  110. If you were to go through your material what color would be
  111. Quilters - your teacher made a mistake - UGH!!!
  112. My sister's baby quilt
  113. Can I have an award case with the quilt block in it?
  114. The seam ripper was my friend today
  115. Whew, one block done for the tutorial
  116. Are you good at color combinations?
  117. Do you use a color wheel for matching colors?
  118. Got my ruler!
  119. Quilters - lets have some fun with our new quilters
  120. Quilting tutorial - assignment #1
  121. Help me Hometead Mamma
  122. How many spools of thread do you have?
  123. Where do you store your material
  124. Working on the quilting tutorial today
  125. Quilting treasure box on its way - PLEASE READ
  126. My quilt top
  127. Rag quilt
  128. I'm not a happy camper right now, in fact
  129. Quilt treasure box - #2 (PLEASE READ)
  130. Lets see your knowledge of quilting
  131. How old is quilting?
  132. The word quilt comes from
  133. Quilting sizes - information
  134. Quilting treasure box update - PLEASE READ
  135. Fabric questions
  136. My fabrics for the tutorial
  137. While on quilting.....
  138. And yet another
  139. And yet another one
  140. Another who am I question
  141. Quilting lessons - your going to love this one
  142. What am I?
  143. Popser's playground for quilters
  144. America's quilting history
  145. Quilting club alert - please read quilting club members
  146. Fat quarter pictures
  147. Have you ever thought of a recycled quilt?
  148. What draws you to quilting?
  149. What is your favorite time to quilt?
  150. Do you wash your fabric as soon as you bring it home?
  151. My first Fat Quarters
  152. I think I'm going to lose my quilting/sewing room
  153. basting a quilt?
  154. I bought my first quilt book!
  155. Fat quarters, fat quarters - oh what do you do with your fat quarters?
  156. Chugga chugga, where is the train?
  157. Hello Quilters
  158. Missing my quilting
  159. Quilting club treasure box
  160. Quilting club WORD GAME
  161. newbie question
  162. Quilting club members - PLEASE READ!!
  163. Quilting club
  164. Stained glass quilts?
  165. Quilting tutorial starting date!!
  166. When is the best time for a quilting tutorial
  167. Need Quilting Help! Questions :) Newbie
  168. I've been asked to teach a quilting course
  169. The train is here
  170. I found another pattern I want to make!
  171. Yoo Hoo~the Fat Quarter Train just arrived in not so sunny Southern California!!
  172. Quilting goodies on sale at JoAnn Nov. 3 - Nov. 16
  173. Free Quilt Block patterns
  174. CJ made me a baby quilt...
  175. Seminole Quilted Eyeglass Case
  176. Woohoo!!! I found the first book in the series!!
  177. Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini
  178. Does anyone have a cut and press?
  179. Woohoo-hoo Train pulled into Minnesota!!
  180. Scraps questions...
  181. Did you teach yourself to quilt or
  182. Do you use mainly prints or solids in your quilts?
  183. Has anyone made Christmas quilts?
  184. Quilted checker board
  185. I just found out!
  186. Fat Quarter train
  187. How many?
  188. does anyone have fabric they don't want?
  189. ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh its a secret.....
  190. T'was the Nite before Christmas..
  191. Patchworkgirl - here you go. Enjoy!!
  192. Anyone quilting these days?
  193. I'm loving the latest project I'm working on
  194. Quilting magazine - Century of Quilts by Better Homes & Gardens
  195. I bought the ugliest fat quarter today I've ever seen
  196. Went to the quilting shop today - oooh lala!!
  197. I have some sad news...and a question..
  198. Quilts for the holidays?
  199. Fat quarter participants - Please read #2
  200. Quilt hoops 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby
  201. Fat quarter train participants - RULES - PLEASE READ
  202. Free Quilt Pattern
  203. PLEASE HELP my rotary cutter hates me
  204. Finished a quilt today
  205. Does anyone make miniature quilts?
  206. More reading for quilters, et al
  207. The Healing quilt by Lauraine Snelling
  208. Here are 2 quilts I made
  209. Quilting tips to get more quilting done and faster
  210. I Just Finished My First Quilt Top
  211. Quilt advice for someone who doesn't sew !!
  212. How do I get moth ball smell out of my fabric?
  213. Do you ever buy quilts?
  214. Do you have a favorite quilt pattern?
  215. Quilting tips
  216. Doing a history on quilting - here are some websites
  217. Quilting websites
  218. Do you find yourself using the same colors over and over again
  219. Hand quilting is so relaxing
  220. My latest project
  221. When in a quilting store, what do you do?
  222. Calling all quilters - hop on board the fat quarter train - anyone interested?
  223. Rulers and quilting
  224. How is your quilting coming along?
  225. Do you keep your quilts or give them away?
  226. Basting pins?
  227. Free quilt designs to print out
  228. Do you have a favorite quilting magazine?
  229. Roll call in the quilting forum
  230. Have you used quilting for any other sewing projects
  231. Christmas Prints
  232. When quilting, do you often think of your foremothers
  233. Do you have a favorite quilting book you use all the time?
  234. Do you like purchasing "fat quarters" or do you prefer yds/metres of material instead
  235. I did it! My first quilting project!
  236. Anyone shop at JoAnn today (8/17)?
  237. What are you currently working on?
  238. Sharing a challenge quilt I made with 2 friends - UPDATED!!
  239. Are you working on any quilting projects for Christmas?
  240. What is your favorite color combination when quilting
  241. Do you quilt everyday?
  242. Quilting software
  243. Free Applique Patterns
  244. What Are You Working On? - Last Half of July
  245. some links
  246. Some questions for you all
  247. Need suggestions..............
  248. JoAnn store sale June 23 - July 6
  249. Does anyone else hate cutting fabric?
  250. How do you wash and dry your fabric?