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  1. How Do You Spoil Mom On Mother's Day?
  2. Do You Struggle Getting Kids To Play Outside?
  3. Do You Go Camping With Your Family?
  4. What Are Your Favorite Spring Recipes?
  5. Do You Raise Any Animals?
  6. How Often Do You You Do Computer Maintenance?
  7. Have You Considered Solar Power?
  8. Are You Prepared For Financial Emergencies?
  9. Have You Considered Living Off The Grid?
  10. Have you ever made your own bird feeder?
  11. Do You Bake Treats For Valentine's Day?
  12. What Frugal Valentine's Gift Ideas Do You Have?
  13. How Often Do You Visit Your Public Library?
  14. Have You Checked Out Our Frugal Articles Recently?
  15. What Things Have You Put Off Fixing?
  16. Do You Reuse Wooden Pallets For DIY Projects?
  17. How do YOU save money on Christmas gifts?
  18. How do you teach children to be frugal?
  19. Do you have your own website?
  20. What ways have you found that helped get you out of debt?
  21. How Do YOU Define Simple Living?
  22. What Are Your Plans For 2019? Will You Be More Frugal?
  23. Frugal Winter Activities For The Whole Family?
  24. How cluttered is your home?
  25. How do you find ways to reduce medical expenses?
  26. How often do you eat out for lunch?
  27. How do you eat healthy on a budget?
  28. What hobbies do you have that aren't too expensive?
  29. Do you bake homemade bread?
  30. Have You Tried Making Your Own Bath Bombs?
  31. What Have You Built For Your Home?
  32. What ways have you found to conserve water?
  33. What ways are you finding to stay cool this summer?
  34. Do you have an herb container garden?
  35. Do you do any landscaping in the summer months?
  36. How do you save money on summer barbecue parties?
  37. Do you have an aloe vera plant?
  38. What are your favorites treats for hot summer days?
  39. Does getting rid of clutter help with anxiety?
  40. 8 Awesome Ways You Can Reuse Dryer Sheets!
  41. Is the price of gasoline increasing in your area?
  42. Do you make your own sunscreen?
  43. 6 Ways to Incorporate Citrus Fruit into Your Cleaning Supplies
  44. Natural Alternatives to Harsh Bathroom Cleaners
  45. 4 Natural Beauty Care Hacks You Must Try
  46. This DIY Surprise Candle Makes the Perfect Gift
  47. Do Your Children Do Chores?
  48. Do You Make Any Condiments at Home?
  49. Have You Ever Taken a Staycation?
  50. DIY: How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs
  51. Do you do any outdoor maintenance in the spring?
  52. Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?
  53. What projects do you do with thrift store finds?
  54. How Do You Save Money on Coffee?
  55. Do You Save Money With Browser Extensions?
  56. Saving Money on Professional Work Clothes?
  57. How Are You Saving Money on Heating This Winter
  58. Inexpensive Date Ideas?
  59. Have you found effective ways to make money from home?
  60. What tips would you offer to someone planning a frugal wedding?
  61. What simple ways do you save money every day?
  62. Tips For Reducing Food Waste?
  63. Which grocery items do you buy in bulk?
  64. Have You Tried Re-Growing Vegetables?
  65. What special summertime treats do you like to make?
  66. Do you use mobile apps to save money?
  67. Saving For a Large Purchase?
  68. Joint Finances for Couples
  69. Frugal Summer Fun?
  70. New Forum For Featured Articles
  71. How Do You Find Ways To Be Charitable When Money Is Tight?