Another idea for saving gas - 38 ideas in all.
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    Default Another idea for saving gas - 38 ideas in all.

    I thought of another way to save on fuel this evening, so I updated the Save Gas portion of my website. Take a look, there are 38 ideas in all.

    The idea I added this evening addresses changing your work week hours so you work 4 ten hour days instead of 5 eight hour days. People do this now, but for other reasons. The iron might be hot enough these days to strike it since higher fuel prices are hitting everyone.

    This idea might not go over well with your current boss, but would be a great idea for someone getting a new job. You can always negotiate your conditions of employment before coming on board, so your work week can be different than others. There is no reason why you shouldn't do that with your best and long term interests in mind.

    Even if this idea doesn't "float your boat", perhaps the other 37 will.

    Good fortune to all.

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    I've been considering this. Plus a 3 day weekend sound good to me!

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    I wish my employer would offer telecommuting.

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