Thank goodness for the coupon - I guess
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    Default Thank goodness for the coupon - I guess

    Just got the call from Honda - my maintenance bill today will be around $1200. I was expecting $800 - 900, and they found another need-to-do-now and one need-to-do-before-much-longer, that I might as well get over with now while the car's in the shop.

    But hey -- I've got a $20 coupon! Every little bit helps, eh?

    What I'm really grateful for is that EF. How good it feels to know it's covered, even though I would certainly prefer that the money stayed in my bank rather than Honda's. But I can't manage without a reliable car, and this one's been a gem for 7 years. Believe me, I know about parts wearing out as you get old! Other than a non-essential rubber piece that keeps falling off the bottom of the bumper (may I please speak to the engineer who came up with that design element?), this is the first work it has ever needed except the routine maintance in all that time. So I can't complain at all. Still, $1200 is a Monday morning ouchie for sure! Even with a $20 coupon.
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    Yep, $20 off that big bill is a help. Sorry your bill is what it is. Bummer.

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    What on earth are they fixing for $1200?
    I hate to say I'm a PITA when it comes to car repairs like that. I'll actually make them wait on the repair until I can come down there in person, and walk into the garage so they can personally explain to me in front of my car exactly what it is they're going to fix. I want to SEE the parts that are bad for myself, and then have them explain in detail about it. DR says it perfectly, don't buy into something that you don't fully understand. Make them educate you, instead of taking you to the cleaners.

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