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    Default Hail damage

    Truck sat thru two (note TWO) huge hail storms yesterday. Unlike how I have covered parking at home, none at work. So, now I have hail damage. Dings are in the hood and roof. I've called insurance and they'll have an adjuster get back to me but I just wanna know if anyone else has dealt w/ getting this fixed, costs, etc.

    I feel more responsible as I still don't feel like this is 'my truck'. I inherited it and just feel horrible.

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    Don't have any answers for you Jerry, just wanted to let you know I'm sorry it happened & you really had no control in the situation. Bummer.

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    My sister had hail damage to her car she did file a claim. The hail damaged her hood, sides of her car,windows and back end. Shes glad she had it repaired.

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    Several years ago, we dealt with the same thing. Our comprehensive insurance covered the damage. We met with the adjuster with an estimate in hand and they wrote us a check for the damages on the spot. Some insurance providers require two different estimates and will choose the lesser bid. Some carriers will also only do business with certain repair shops. Not in our case, we chose the shop with no problems. I guess it all depends on the insurance carrier that you have.

    If your vehicle is paid off then the check should be made out to you. If it is financed, the check will usually be made out to the lein holder and the owner. This is a little harder to deal with as you have to get the lein holder(bank) to endorse the check before you can get the work done.

    I hope this helps! This happened several years ago so things may have changed since then.

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