Have you ever heard of the $1.25 gas in UTAH? and $1.99 in Florida?
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    Default Have you ever heard of the $1.25 gas in UTAH? and $1.99 in Florida?

    With the cost of gas up around $3.60 imagine paying $1.25 per gallon. Google CNG (compressed Natural Gas). You will find this fuel a lot more common than you think. I had never heard of it before. I did some research and bought a factory CNG car three years ago and have loved it. My dad's construction company now runs his work trucks on it and saves them 3x's in fuel. I hope those looking to save some cash look into it. Just so you know every state doesn't have refueling stations. But if you live in those area's, you might want to look into it. please fill free to ask any questions.

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    I have a feeling that it cheap until we all get hooked, and then it will do just what the oil prices have done. Too many greedy CEO's out there who want to fill their coffers. Energy is a drug they know we can't do without and they are the drug pushers.

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    Thanks for the information that is really cool. I will look definetly look into this later.

    I am in the middle of a project , converting an old Volkswagen ( not the beetle kind...lol, not that their anything wrong with them, just what people think when I say VW) to an all electric car with a DC motor and batteries. This will go 30 miles before charging again so will just be a little get around town .

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    Not available here. Though it does look like the water utility people might have some, as they have a private fueling station.
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    I'm in Utah and I know someone who drives a CNG car. He likes it and enjoys the gas prices for it.

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