Do you have any reviews for this?
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    Default Do you have any reviews for this?

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    Lets see.......

    3 layers of legal protection in place, usually a reason for this.

    Do you really think in todays world that if there was a legitimate technological innovation that boosted fuel economy/power by huge amounts it wouldn't be mainstreamed in about 10 months?

    Automotive manufacturers with HUGE Research and Development budgets are under immense pressure to boost fuel economy.

    The manufacturer of this "innovation" has failed to attract major money in 2-3 years time. That is usually indicative of a company that doesn't actually have the next great solution.

    Kind of sounds like the company that did the "magnets" on the fuel line to "align the molecules..." etc.

    Keep your money and buy a TDI if you want mileage. I loaded 600lbs of equipment into my Jetta Sportwagon and drove to WA last week. At 80MPH most of the way I averaged 42 MPG.

    Just my uneducated biased opinion.


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