Lets talk ways to save on vehicle expenses
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    Arrow Lets talk ways to save on vehicle expenses

    I've been looking at our vehicle expenses and its not pretty. Just our gas alone for our van is unreal. We also have no warranty left (except our extended warranty - but thats on larger items such as transmission, etc.) because of all the driving dh had to do when he worked in the city.

    So what are some ways that you do to save on vehicle expenses?

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    We just bought a newer used van and traded in our old one that used more gas and was starting to nickle and dime us to death. The new van has a full coverage warranty on it and uses much less gas than the other one. DH and the boys are very good about checking the tire pressure, oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, etc.. DH also does most of the repair work on our vehicles if at all possible. We combine errands, are careful drivers so our insurance rates don't go up and will use the little car if it's just a few of us and we don't need air conditioning.

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