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    Default Car repair rant

    Our truck, which we bought used with 50,000+ miles on it (and now has 80,000+), has a sunroof/moonroof. We rarely open it, and usually only open the sliding cover on it only when we are in the car wash so the kids can see the soapy water on the roof (also a rare occasion).

    Well, on a recent nice day we popped the thing open on a whim. When we closed it, it wouldn't close all the way. Then my husband tried again the next day and it got stuck all the way open. This is not good in APRIL!

    He took it to the Ford dealer who kept it all day and then told him it would be $1,800 to fix it. Yes, $1,800. Needless to say, my husband lost his cool and told them it was ridiculous and he was coming to get it. I panicked thinking only about what we were going to do on the next rainy day. I could envision his own repair job being plastic sheeting and duct tape covering the hole.

    But he found someone else who agreed to close the roof, and disable it, all for $300. Still too much money, but we didn't think we had much other choice. And 2 days of one vehicle living was taking its toll on all of us. So we went ahead and had the $300 job done.....having to charge it on our recently paid off credit card.

    I've heard that some vehicles have a place inside on the headliner where you can insert a tool and handcrank the roof closed. But this truck does not. Too bad.

    Not sure what the lesson is..... don't open your moonroof?

    It would have been nice if we had had a nice little emergency fund to pay for the repair. But I've been using all our extra money to pay down loans. Maybe the lesson should be to ALWAYS put some money into the emergency fund.

    Anyway, just wanted to rant. Sometimes I think I hate cars altogether.

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    Sorry Jean! Is your husband handy at all? Amybe he could get online with some of the car forums (so many out there) and have someone post an answer to your question. DH works on cars and is on so many forums. This is why we never usually have to go to a garage. I'm glad you found a cheaper deal than $1800 what a rip off!

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