i need to get a new(new to me) car. my car is running hot and im not putting any more money into it. . so im going to lease a used care from a dealer..i cant take a chance on an indepentant used car( from someone on the street)

i need advice , so ladies and gentlemen. please let me have it

i talked to my class mate(she 3 yrs older) im 44, so i value her advice and she has had more cars than me.. she seems to think that i should lease as i have very little money and need a decent car. i need to get to school, work,training at the hosp. twice a week (5days, 8weeks in summer) and taking my mom to transplant clinic( check ups) twice a year.

do u think leaseing is a good deal for me? im not mechanically inclined,

thanks guys

can u tell im not happy?