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    Default My 1995 Olds..

    I love my car. I bought it in 1998 for 11,000 (that was with interest). I paid it off in 2000, so i probably didn't pay the whole 11K. The last year or so I've put a few grand in on repairs. Recently my mechanic told me that he suspects a cracked head, it apparently is showing early signs of a pattern he's seen with this model. My plan is to run it all long as possible, then if it dies on me, I'll use income tax $$ to buy another used car. No way I could do a car payment and full insurance right now!

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    Sounds like a good plan. I have a 1998 caravan which we bought new when we had the triplets and now it has 187,888 miles on it, I am planning on driving that until it just won't go any more :~) Hopefully at least 1 more year the thought of a new van payment is scary!!
    Good luck I hope the olds keeps going for you!!


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    Its good to have a plan if/when things go wrong. I hate feeling pushed into make a decision. Guess that's why avoid the car dealers... push, push, push; Must Buy TODAY! I hate car payments & full coverage insurance on a new car, so expensive. Good luck with your car... may it run for many more miles! Sixfreds, good luck with your van too!

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