We are beginning to see increase in storm frequency and fervency primarily due to Global Warming causing climate change. These storms more and more are containing large hail. If you have a garage for your car, that is great. But there are a lot of people who live in apartments and condos who have no protection from such damage. So here is a frugal method to help your car resist hail damage.

The first way is to gather up some old blanket and fold them so they are think and cover your car with them. Then cover all that with a $26.00 car cover from Walmart, which will prevent them from blowing away if it gets windy. You can also put patio furniture cushions over the windshield and rear view window to help protect them from being smash. Without any protection the glass could get cracked or smash and let water in. So not only is the windshield busted but your valuable interior.

Another option I thought up is to goto a carpet place and get some half inch thick, high density carpet padding. Have it cut to the length and width of your car. Then measure and cut holes for the mirrors. Then cover that with your car cover. That'd give your car an extra inch of cushion protection. And that should prevent damage from hail up to an inch.

I haven't yet tested these. There's a storm coming my way tonight and it could drop hail up to 1" or greater. So I covered my car with blankets and patio furniture cushions and my car cover. I figure whatever I do would be better then nothing. I wanted to share that with you, just in case you are in the same situation.