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    Default Minor Miracles

    I was looking at a fairly expensive series of repairs on my beater. The first mechanic couldn`t figure out what was wrong with it, most likely a vacuum leak. He quoted me about 2k in things that just might be the problem, but no sure thing.

    I didn`t want to pay for a maybe answer, so I took it to my BIL who is also a mechanic by trade, but had never worked on my model car before. It turned out that my vacuum leak was a disconnected hose to the cruise control. He hooked it back up and it ran fine again! He also gave it a good tune up and bled the brakes.

    He said I owed him nothing for the repair because it was fun to work on and the materials were negligible for fixing it. I am still going to get him something anyway though, of course.

    I had budgeted out $500 for parts and $700 for the whole thing, but now it looks like I would have spent closer to $200 (BIL lives in another state)! Woo hoo!

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    That is good news!

    Have you used the first mechanic before? Will you trust him to do repairs again?

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    Quite the refreshing feeling to find out something that could be potentially a huge issue turns out to be something so simple! You did the right thing though, no sense in throwing money at a maybe.

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