I had to make some. lol Here's how I make mine.

2 cups of milk
2 cups flour
salt, pepper, chicken seasoning, paprika
paper bags

Wash chicken and set it aside
Combine the milk and egg in a bowl
Combine the dry ingredients into a paper bag

Dip chicken pieces one at a time into the "batter" and then one at a time

put in the paper bag and shake.

Melt enough crisco to equal 1/2" of oil in your pan. Heat the oil to 360 degrees.

Place chicken in and don't crowd.

Cover and cook for 15-20 minutes on one side, then turn and do 15-20 minutes on the other side. Can remove the lid and lower the heat to 350 as soon as you can see the chicken has started frying well.

After taking chicken out, place on paper bags to soak up grease and immediately salt lightly.