Home Cooked Meal
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    Default Home Cooked Meal

    Home Cooked Meal
    http://www.durgan.org/ShortURL/?WVSZH 17 August 2008 Home Cooked Meal

    The vegetables were pulled from the garden, washed, and baked in a Dutch oven at 400F for one hour and served. The lentil soup and dried beans were cooked previously and stored in the refrigerator. The frozen blueberries were thawed previously. Drink was whole milk, which was also used on the blueberries. Condiments were pepper, and butter, and stevia on the blueberries.

    You wont see this on those silly TV cooking shows.

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    This looks delicious! Wow what a nice healthy meal.
    Great pictures!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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