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    Default Soy Beans. 26 August 2008 Soy Bean preparation

    They are prepared in the following manner. About five cups of dried beans are washed, boiled in water for 10 minutes to remove dirt, washed again, placed in the pressure cooker for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Boiled for about 5 minute to mix with a sweetener, stefia, and some molasses for colour. The mixture is the blended and stored in liter jars. Five cups of beans make 3 to 4 liters depending upon the size of the soy beans and the amount of water added for blending. The jars are then stored in the refrigerator, and one liter is about four days supply for one person.

    Like all human food, soy beans are an addition, not a complete replacement for other foods. Another attraction is some independence from the offerings of the centralized, mega-food processing industry.

    Soy beans are eaten every day for breakfast, along with a bowl of rolled oats.Very simple, low cost and nourishing. As prepared, I find the beans easy to digest, and they supply a major portion of my food requirements each day. I have been eating soy beans for many years.

    You wont see this on a TV cooking show. Eat to live-not live to eat. Summary: Soy Bean preparation
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    Quote Originally Posted by asimplegirl View Post
    haven't there been new studies released lately that say women and children should not eat soybeans or soy products?
    What you state has a lot of validity. I suggest the benefits out-weigh the downside.

    Certainly, quantity of what is ingested is of concern. I have no idea if the estrogen is reduced or even removed by my method, but have been eating the beans for over 30 years, and if I forget to have them I am hungry before meal time. I can work all day after having oats and beans for breakfast.

    Clearly excessive estrogen will affect people differently. But compared to junk food soy beans would make a fine replacement.

    Harmful compounds are present in most foods, and that is why any diet suggests a wide variety amongst other reasons.

    I do know I can live a long time and be very healthy on sardines, oats, and soy beans, and any fresh fruit and vegetables available.

    My aim in most cases is to eliminate or reduce the three food stooges; fat, sugar, and salt.

    Nobody has invented the food pill yet, and the science of nutrition, and absorption of nutrients is not even well understood, and indeed little research is being done in this area. Most of the "research" is more anecdotal than scientific.

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