Horseradish 4 October 2008 Horseradish
(Armoracia rusticana, syn. Cochlearia armoracia)
A horseradish plant was dug today and the roots processed into horseradish condiment. The plant is treated as an annual, since the roots are less fibrous than if treated as a perennial. It takes a bit of effort to dig the root ball. The roots stems are removed from the root ball and processed using a blender mixing the root pieces with white vinegar. This process of blender mixing is best done outdoors, since the fumes can get quite strong, irritating the eyes and mucus membranes. The total weight of the roots ready for processing was 1.5 kg, which produced nine 250 ml jars of horseradish condiment.

When the mixture is exposed to air the condiment changes colour from white to a dull gray after repeated opening and closing. In an attempt to limit this action, olive oil was added to the top of one jar to limit exposure when using. Only one jar was treated in this manner to ascertain if the procedure has merit or not, and doesn't interfere with the taste when used.