Easy Banana Cream Pie
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    Default Easy Banana Cream Pie

    Easy Banana Cream Pie

    2 med bananas, sliced
    1 ready to use red. fat graham crust
    3C cold FF milk
    2 pkg (4 serving size) FF/SF vanilla pudding/pie filling
    2C FF whipped topping, divided

    place 1/2 of bananas in crust, set remainder aside. Pour milk into large bown, add pudding mix, beat with whisk 2 min until blended. Stir in 1C of whipped topping. Spoon 1/2 of mix into crust. Top with remaining bananas, and remaining pudding mix. Chill 3 hrs. and top with remaining 1C whipped topping.

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    yes i found this one 3 days ago and made it the next day loved it. but should be eaten same day or bananas go dark in color after. tomorrow im going to try to make strawberry one instead with choc pudding.
    and ill take pics after to share.
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