Freezable banana muffins - recipe request!
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    Default Freezable banana muffins - recipe request!

    So, I used to make banana muffins and freeze them, then pop one in the microwave for 30 seconds for an instant hot muffin.

    Yesterday, I got 7lbs of bananas for 99c, because they were overripe, so I want to do something like this (I'm always scrounging for breakfast).

    My recipe has been annoying me the last few times I've made it, it hasn't tasted so good. So, I'm looking for a new recipe. I don't think most banana breads bake well as muffins because of needing different structure? So I'm looking for a banana bread like recipe, but does well as a muffin. Extra plus if anyone's tried freezing it... I've got to get through these by the weekend or they'll be too far gone.

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    You can mash the bananas and freeze them without baking them up first. Freeze them in quantities suitable for the recipe you're likely to use, and put them in freezer bags so they don't take up much space. Then you don't have to decide now how you want to use them.

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