Advice for a Beading Newbie?
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    Default Advice for a Beading Newbie?

    I'm thinking about starting beading as a hobby. Any advice? I ordered Oriental Trading Co.'s catalog, because I figured there'd be lots of variety and the prices would be reasonable!

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    Do yur product development before you sell and DON"T sell your sample. I've done that and had to "reinvent the wheel" when I forgot wtf I did to make that pendant or whatever. Also, when you get something you like, TAKE NOTES. This makes it much easier six months (or six days) down the road when you do not remember how you made that piece.

    I have one really stunning green seed bead wreath I made as a sample pin, I love it. I can't figure out how I made it, although I've tried several times!

    Be organized about writing down what you use, what you bought, how much each bead (or unit) cost you, the average amount of needles you use in this project, thread, etc. It's easy to forget that all those $2 tubes and $3 packages of needles add up, but they do.


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    I'm a super newbie still myself, but what help me get started the most, was buying beginner kits. I tried a couple different kinds to get feel of the beads and the tools, etc, to see what I liked. Then I knew what to look for when searching out new supplies and whatnot.

    Hope that helps!

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